Aldi PANdemonium

This week instagram has gone all hearts-for-eyes over some pans.

We all crave a bit of Catherine Holm's classic and bold kitchenalia. Some of us obsess over Orla Keily's retro style homewares. But it was Aldi that got our heads spinning, thumbs double tapping and our wallets whining over their pans.

It's a standard joke that you nip to Aldi for milk and eggs and leave with a boot full of wind breakers, miniature fence panels, avocado slicers and heart shaped silicon egg poachers. I'm all in for some Aldi middle aisle action and this week I genuinely couldn't fit the windbreaker into the boot, because it was already filled with these gorgeous pans.

I first spotted them on Katie's instagram account, where she declared her love for a good bandwagon and with that, I was off! I needed eggs anyway.

I pulled up just as I got a message from my lovely friend Jill of Alfie Robot Retro, she'd had a tough day with her new baby. But it was ok because she had just been a…

#VintageGirlGang - Silly Gilly

If you use Instagram and you're a vintage lover, you're bound to have stumbled across the next addition to our #VintageGirlGang. 

The drool worthy Silly Gilly has been on my Girl Gang radar for ages. Her photos are glamorous, soaked in 1970s style and double-tapable until your loose perm drops out. 

Ladies, please welcome Gilly:

Talk me through your vintage journey? When did you realise that the past suits you best?

Until I was about 16 I tried to follow the fashion of the time in a bid to be 'popular'. It failed. Even as far back as the age of 12 I felt connected to 'the past'; I discovered classic films thanks to my school dinner lady lending me her recorded VHS tapes (remember those?) of the afternoon film on BBC2. I became utterly obsessed with Audrey Hepburn, Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire whilst my peers were more interested in Britney Spears. By the time I reached 17 there was a Sky Channel called Granada Plus and I became intrigued with 70's &#…

Hull City of Culture - Part One - Paper City

Living over the river from 2017s City of Culture has its perks. Quick and cheap days out for a young family being the one I love the most. 
I had several people contact me about the upcoming Paper City exhibition, on account of my Masters degree in Book Arts.I hadn't known about Hull's history of creating paper until I read about this exhibition and I was intrigued by the materials suppliers being G. F. Smith, a paper suppliers I used when studying for my Masters and making books.
So, backpack packed with bundles of crisps as bribes for the boy and a Nana in tow, off we set. Over the river we went and followed the Paper City trail through the Humber Street area:

The day I fed Stan gone off cheese

The day I fed Stan gone off cheese. 

Mr Pigeon works shifts, and sometimes works 2-10pm meaning I tackle the dreaded afternoon tired tantrums, not-gonna-eat-owt tea times, peak teething pains, inevitable-wet-everywhere bath time and screaming banshee bedtimes on my own. Fun. 

This particular day (today) everyone is proper tired because I am ill, Stanley is ill and Jack is teething and going through a tricky development phase that makes him only need 20 minutes sleep at a time. Also fun. 

With Jack hanging off my boob, the kettle is boiling for my fourth cup of tea which won't get drunk and I'm making lunch for the toddler that is demanding a pile of grated cheese. Now, Jack is nigh on 16lbs which is heavy for those of you with normal weight babies, he's busy guzzling and Stan's busy shouting demands at me. Meaning I had to balance him on the work top, cheese grater in an awkward position, pouring stripes of cheese to the worktop, Fireman Sam plate and floor. The radio was…

#VintageGirlGang - The Queens Drawers

Here we are again, adding another gorgeous lass to our #VintageGirlGang; Marie aka The Queens Drawers. We've all either bought from her, swooned over her dresses or stumbled upon some glorious genuine 1960's frocks at her vintage fair stalls. It's high time she joined our gang and here she is!

Instagram posts from The Queens Drawers are usually instantly recognisable for the quality of her genuine vintage and retro dresses, with clear measurements (an addition always appreciated by us vintage wearing ladies). Her stock is impeccable and drool-worthy and I wanted to find out more about the lady behind the trader, so I sent her a few questions:

What drew you to the vintage side of life?
"I've always been interested in the past even as a child. My favourite subject at school was history, especially all those amazing fashions they used to wear.
I loved watching old Hollywood musicals with my mum too and Harold Lloyd on a Saturday morning.

I was a child of the 70s, a te…


April has been a real insight for instagram using vintage lovers recently, as we've been witnessing a Spring-like bloom of instagram posts from vintage dealers across the nation and beyond, with users in Millwaukee (@bcmodernmke),Narbonne, France (@mllejoys) and throughout the UK. 

The brainchild of Rebecca, owner of Wish Vintage, a new hashtag is being used by vintage dealers to grow and connect our instagram community.

It's a fast growing trade which can often seem competitive and hard to break. But as highlighted by Rebecca herself, the hashtag is developing a supportive and friendly environment with room for everyone to develop their business and clientele.

I contacted Rebecca to find out more about #aprilget2knowavintagedealer, from its creator. 

I’ve been thinking of doing something like #aprilget2knowavintagedealer for a while now but it was just getting on with it. A few online vintage dealers were really supportive and some of them that weren’t IG savvy took the rest of …