#VintageGirlGang - The Queens Drawers

Here we are again, adding another gorgeous lass to our #VintageGirlGang; Marie aka The Queens Drawers. We've all either bought from her, swooned over her dresses or stumbled upon some glorious genuine 1960's frocks at her vintage fair stalls. It's high time she joined our gang and here she is!

Instagram posts from The Queens Drawers are usually instantly recognisable for the quality of her genuine vintage and retro dresses, with clear measurements (an addition always appreciated by us vintage wearing ladies). Her stock is impeccable and drool-worthy and I wanted to find out more about the lady behind the trader, so I sent her a few questions:

What drew you to the vintage side of life?
"I've always been interested in the past even as a child. My favourite subject at school was history, especially all those amazing fashions they used to wear.
I loved watching old Hollywood musicals with my mum too and Harold Lloyd on a Saturday morning.

I was a child of the 70s, a te…


April has been a real insight for instagram using vintage lovers recently, as we've been witnessing a Spring-like bloom of instagram posts from vintage dealers across the nation and beyond, with users in Millwaukee (@bcmodernmke),Narbonne, France (@mllejoys) and throughout the UK. 

The brainchild of Rebecca, owner of Wish Vintage, a new hashtag is being used by vintage dealers to grow and connect our instagram community.

It's a fast growing trade which can often seem competitive and hard to break. But as highlighted by Rebecca herself, the hashtag is developing a supportive and friendly environment with room for everyone to develop their business and clientele.

I contacted Rebecca to find out more about #aprilget2knowavintagedealer, from its creator. 

I’ve been thinking of doing something like #aprilget2knowavintagedealer for a while now but it was just getting on with it. A few online vintage dealers were really supportive and some of them that weren’t IG savvy took the rest of …

To The Hills

A year ago we were heading for the hills to meet Mr Henry Lowther, a bloody brilliant photographer who was hoping to get a decent couples shoot in Castleton with a *quote* "Trendy Couple". Yes: Trendy. Apparently we fit the bill. 

After picking ourselves up from fits of laughter on the floor, we hit the road and met Henry and his beautiful girlfriend Elizabeth, who is also a bloody brilliant photographer

Elizabeth was pregnant and was a bit swoony over Stanley and his curly locks, so I knew we were in good hands with someone to watch Stan while Mr Pigeon and I attemped to look freshly infatuated with each other through our tired parents faces. 
Below are some of my favourite pictures of our day in the wild winds of Mam Tor and the Blue John caverns. 

We have some of the pictures hanging in our bedroom, in antique frames, now.

To see more of the photos, on a much swankier blog, click here for Henry's website, which features loads of beautiful inspiration for weddings, coupl…

2016 Pigeon Style

It's the last day for 2016, you don't need reminding of this, because all of the Internet is full of articles, memes, statuses, news stories and #bestofnines telling us all about what a shit year it's been and how 2017 is going to be the miracle year where no celebrity ever dies ever.

So, I forgive you if you don't read on, but here is my moany blithering about our 2016, anyway: I'd say enjoy, but...

According to Timehop, a year ago today, I said "This year I lost my marbles and found them again..."
Let's all pause there. I don't think anyone I know has marbles to lose or find or look after. My most popular blog post this year and most shared was "We're All Mad Here", where I wrote candidly about being a miserable mentalist, diagnosed with "Post Natal Depression"... Hmm...

It seems all the people who shared the post felt a point of relation, which suggests to me that none of us have marbles to gather, line up, look after or los…

Autumn - Fresh Starts

There is no fresher start than the dewy golden glow of an Autumn morning.

Crispy leaves under foot crunching away the summer warmth. Frosty mornings warmed with porridge. Cooler nights bringing in logs for the fire. Asking for extra cinnamon on your frothy chai latte. 
All signs we are about to compete for the sassiest vintage cape, the opaquest of tights and all the mustard coloured knitting we can get our hands on. 

So get your scarves out, hats out and drag those boots out, because it's time to get yourselves out into the cold wet air that frizzes your hair, and embrace the fact that you're about to get a hard-to-shift cold. 

Some of you may have read my blog post this time last year about Autumn and why I love it so much. It's a special time of the year that always conjures feelings of new beginnings and fresh starts.

At Pigeon Villa, we've had the freshest batch of newness in our lives, recently. The closure of meanwhile... has snapped my neck with the swiftness of th…

Fixing and Doing - Retro Foot Stool

We do loads of upcycling here at Pigeon Villa and I want to keep sharing what we do with you all. You may have read a while ago about the chairs we fixed up in preparation for sale. I mentioned then and will repeat unapologetically that we do love a bit of fixing and doing at Pigeon Villa. 
It's become second nature to spot the potential in old furniture and notice areas to revive and reuse hand-downs, skip-raids and house clearance items. 

This little raggedy Anne was one of the latter. A cute 1960's foot stool that had been covered by the previous owner. There were a few marks and the fabric was fusty and didn't compliment the slim slender and much sought after dansette legs.

As soon as I got this one home, I knew precisely which piece of fabric I'd be hunting down from my ever growing stash of vintage and retro material. 

This blue, purple and green bit of gorgeousness was part of a stash I bought during a "cheer me up" trip to Horncastle, last summer. It…