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Christmas Traditions

Christmas Jumpers. There's a very recent "tradition" (if traditions can be recent) that people seem to feel obligatory. Christmas jumpers are alright on the right person, like your funny Dad or a hipster trying to be ironic but actually being annoyingly cool. But they aren't compulsory, or TRADITION, are they?

Elf on a Shelf. There's another recent tradition. This year it is a big deal. I know this because I see 30+ Facebook posts every morning of what our friends' naughty elves have been upto during the night. There are tonnes of well-circulated articles about whether we should be jumping on the "Americanised" Elfie Shelfie bandwagon, so I'm not going to repeat all the "bad elves encourage bad behaviour" judgements (because I actually think some of them are funny). 

For me, Christmas Traditions are personal, not global and Facebook. They're things that travel through generations of repeated customs that make the end of the year …

Vintage Girl Gang - Vintage Little Fairy

Welcome back to Girl Gang Monday which is all about highlighting the vintage lovelies that inspire me, catch my eye and influence Pigeon Vintage one way or another. 
This week's Girl Gang member is a girl I stumbled upon over on that there Instagram (AGAIN). Thanks to last week's recruit Retrospect Finds, I spotted some hot red lips, a cute ass brooch and a swanky as hell swagger that I couldn't help but have a "little" InstaStalk over. 
Laura Littlefair aka VintageLittleFairy.
After tentatively asking Laura to be a part of my gang (she's proper cool n stuff), she jumped at the chance and answered a few questions for me. When were you first into vintage and what was your first ever vintage buy? As a child I remember wiling away the hours with my mum's vintage Cindy Dolls whilst at my grandmother's house, and I used to sew little outfits for them from the age of 8. I never really considered them to be vintage at the time, but in retrospect they were my …

An Indie Kinda Christmas 2015!

"It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.. ding dong ding dong"
and I really wanted to mark it, with a big Miss Pigeon event organising come back! Chatting with David from Cafe Indie (again), lead to him asking if I'd be interested in tackling their Christmas event, this year. 
We weren't sure what the event would be but knew we'd want a good mix of local makers, artists, musicians and traders. Was it a fair, market or fete? To make sure the event wasn't pigeon-holed (ahem), we called our event An Indie Kinda Christmas! That way we could make changes and new additions while pulling the shindig together.
I was a little nervous about getting back in the game (as you can read in my "Is that you autumn?" post, here) so asked the awesome and brilliant Jill from Alfie Robot Retro (Girl Gang member three) to give me a hand with pulling it together and getting some quality traders in.
The Facebook event was created. It was OFFISHUL! The …

Vintage Girl Gang - Retrospect Finds - Jordan

Girl Gang Monday is one of my favourite parts of the week. I really love being able to spend a little time uniting like minded ladies who've all got a penchant for vintage. It's impossible for me, at my age and stage in life (31, entering the second year of weird motherhood, changing my career and a bit limbo) not to look around and notice the other girls who seem in seemingly better situations, bigger houses, sassier clothes and swankier hairdos. 

But let's not get jel about it... let's pat those girls on the back and ask what hair products they use and stalk them a bit on Instagram...

Instagram. It's the start of my day, the end of my day and most of in between, so Mr P thinks. BUT, without it I wouldn't be so vintspired (see what I did?) by such awesome lassies as Gwen (#1 GG recruit), Rosie Hearts (#2 GG recruit), Jill Robot (#3 GG recruit) and Claire ReInk (#4 GG recruit). 

And so, onto another vintage badass girl who I definitely stalk a bit on instagram, m…