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Step Inside and Meet The Pigeons

Welcome to Pigeon Villa's blog! I'll be using this as a space to tell you about all the things we get upto, including finding, fixing, making and living vintage and retro.

I thought I'd start this blog with the story of how we became known as The Pigeons. It's not something we are REALLY into, in fact, we aren't massive fans of the bird, but it has stuck to us like flies to dog poo!

And so the story gets told:
We discovered we were pregnant on January 3rd 2014 and spent the first few weeks in a state of shock, while I hung my head in bins, sinks, toilets or buckets, thinking I might puke for the rest of my life.

The Mr of the house came home one night in March "I've been thinking..." said he. I was a little worried at this point, because he doesn't do this often... "we need to sort this house out if we are going to do a good job of being a family. I'll start knocking some walls down and you start clearing some of your stuff." (I like…