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A Very Vintage Very Vibrant Weekend PART 2!

Drum roll, please!! Here's PART 2 of A Very Vintage Very Vibrant Weekend! Last weekend was our first experience of back-to-back trading (hosting a stall at two different fairs in two days).
After Saturday's awesome event at Kelham Hall's Big Vintage Festival (post here for those who haven't seen it), we were up at 4.30am again for Beverley Vintage & Retro's Fair at Beverley Race Course.

This was our first fair the other side of The River and so it was imperative to make sure we earned that all important bridge toll!

We arrived to a very dark and cold venue, but soon warmed up with over 40 trips up and down stairs with all our stock. There seems to be a reason you rarely find an overweight trader.

Once we were fully set up, I got changed and a bit more dolled up than the previous day's poor efforts. This stunning yellow and navy 1960's dress was bought from Rosie Hearts Vintage. I teamed it with my new-to-me swanky 1960's leather, fur-lined, loafer …

A Very Vintage Very Vibrant Weekend PART 1!

So, last weekend was our first pair of back-to-back Vintage Fairs. First up was Britain Does Vintage's Big Vintage Festival at Kelham Hall:
It's usually always an early start for traders at fairs, so up at 4.30am we were. Miss pigeon and Nana Pigeon, two big cars heaving with stock, a pack-up, a flask and a load of plastic pigeons. We saw the sun rise in a beautiful Autumn mist and arrived to a frosty chill at a stunning venue.
If you've never been to Kelham Hall, here's a little about the stunning venue, taken from the Kelham Hall website: 
"The present Kelham Hall is the third building to have stood on the site with two former halls having been damaged significantly by fire (one in the early eighteenth century and a second in 1857). All three halls were built for the Manners Sutton family, whose links with Kelham and Averham date back to the 12th century.
Between 1903 and 1974 Kelham Hall was used as a training college by the Society of the Sacred Mission i…

Is that you, Autumn?

You've taunted us for a week or so and now you've gone into hiding. We whipped our winter coats out of storage, dusted off a flat cap and darned our bedtime socks in excitement and readiness. Brace ourselves for Autumn...

 ... the best time of year.
If, like Miss Pigeon, you seemed to be a student forever, you may recognise the coming of Autumn as a sign of New Beginnings; and what could be more symbolic of New Beginnings than fresh dewy mornings, the low sun temporarily blinding you with real life lens flare, crisp cool air in your lungs and stinging your cheeks. These are the moments to stop, close your eyes,  take a deep breath and let that wet air frizz your hair.

To New Beginnings  It's been a long hard slog this year; having our first baby, fathoming out the world with a tiny creature as our responsibility. Friendships put on hold, things put to one side, ideas put to bed, lives almost paused. But this Autumn feels like a big New Beginning for the Pigeons.


The INDIE Revolution

A lot of many moons ago a friend of ours was telling us all about this exciting adventure he was about to go on, as the manager of a non-profit business, training and supporting young people in a cool and trendy coffee house. This place was to have art and music and creativity at it's core. And boy-oh-boy did Mr Plumtree pull it off! 
Cafe Indie before Mr Plumtree even had the keys. I was taking a few photos this day, to get an idea of the space, so I could help with loaning/buying a few bits of furniture for when they opened. This photo would (unknowingly) become very relevant to my future:

Cafe Indie is where we started to make a name for ourselves. Pigeon Vintage hosted our very first pop-up stall there and continued to do this until we felt confident enough to go for the big fairs. We loaned a few of our prize possessions to Indie, too, until they got much cooler and more appropriate furnishings.

One thing that has remained permanent fixture and plays a part in creating the ve…