Thursday, 22 October 2015

A Very Vintage Very Vibrant Weekend PART 1!

So, last weekend was our first pair of back-to-back Vintage Fairs. First up was Britain Does Vintage's Big Vintage Festival at Kelham Hall:

It's usually always an early start for traders at fairs, so up at 4.30am we were. Miss pigeon and Nana Pigeon, two big cars heaving with stock, a pack-up, a flask and a load of plastic pigeons. We saw the sun rise in a beautiful Autumn mist and arrived to a frosty chill at a stunning venue.
If you've never been to Kelham Hall, here's a little about the stunning venue, taken from the Kelham Hall website: 

"The present Kelham Hall is the third building to have stood on the site with two former halls having been damaged significantly by fire (one in the early eighteenth century and a second in 1857). All three halls were built for the Manners Sutton family, whose links with Kelham and Averham date back to the 12th century.

Between 1903 and 1974 Kelham Hall was used as a training college by the Society of the Sacred Mission in preparation for missionary work. The hall and grounds however were requisitioned by the army during the two world wars although these were the only interruptions.  The most significant legacy left by the monks is the incredible domed chapel, which today is a year-round venue for weddings and events and an exquisite addition to the property."

We were lucky enough to be situated in this very dome, almost the exact same spot as the last time we traded here, in March 2015. It's a vast hall that is impossible to photograph in one image.

The stained glass windows are stunning and surround the mezzanine and high dome ceiling of the room.

Two rails, 17 boxes, 9 suitcases and 2.5 hours later we were finally set up ready for punters to arrive!


It's always lovely to see fellow locals at these bigger fairs. Here are the gorgeous ladies from Lindsey Lodge Hospice Shop , Scunthorpe (who we are looking forward to seeing at their own fair this weekend!)

And the gorgeous Jill from Alfie Robot Retro, who we are working with on a very exciting event, this Christmas!

It was the first time we met the glorious Rosie Hearts Vintage with her beautiful hair. She certainly loved meeting us with Miss P's multiple mod dress purchases!

One of the delights about going to a Vintage Fair is that people really make astounding efforts when it comes to what they wear. Below is Newark's very own Steampunk group. They looked incredible and gained a lot of attention throughout the day with people taking photos and commenting on their outfits.

This couple below really made a lot of effort with sourcing their genuine 1940's gear. That fur collar was gorgeous!

This hat. This coat. This lipstick. These gloves. The beautiful skin. SWOONTASTIC vintage effort!

We were entertained by some talented groups, singers and dancers, including Backstep Boogie who taught visitors some smooth moves; and Gina Rose was not only stunning and beautiful in her vintage get up, but her voice was astounding. We loved hearing her serenade our sales!

Kelham will always be one of our favourite places to trade because of it's gorgeous surroundings, friendly fellow traders and the efforts put in by Britain Does Vintage. After 2.5 hours of packing up, our day had come to an end. A super long drive home, a scoff of a take away and an early night in preparation for A Very Vintage Very Vibrant Weekend PART 2... another 4.30am start looms!

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