Sunday, 25 October 2015

A Very Vintage Very Vibrant Weekend PART 2!

Drum roll, please!! Here's PART 2 of A Very Vintage Very Vibrant Weekend! Last weekend was our first experience of back-to-back trading (hosting a stall at two different fairs in two days).
After Saturday's awesome event at Kelham Hall's Big Vintage Festival (post here for those who haven't seen it), we were up at 4.30am again for Beverley Vintage & Retro's Fair at Beverley Race Course.

This was our first fair the other side of The River and so it was imperative to make sure we earned that all important bridge toll!

We arrived to a very dark and cold venue, but soon warmed up with over 40 trips up and down stairs with all our stock. There seems to be a reason you rarely find an overweight trader.

Once we were fully set up, I got changed and a bit more dolled up than the previous day's poor efforts. This stunning yellow and navy 1960's dress was bought from Rosie Hearts Vintage. I teamed it with my new-to-me swanky 1960's leather, fur-lined, loafer boots. Swit Swoo eh?! 

It always makes working a fair more fun if you've got a talking point, and this dress created a bit of a fuss with people who remember their similar dresses from 1960's and 1970's.

All that fuss attracted two publicity shots for local papers and a radio interview with Beverley FM! Posing really isn't my expertise so it was a bit embarrassing.

We chose to leave our larger accessories out of this fair, because the carrier is far to big and heavy to lug up the slim stairwell at this venue. It turned out to be a great decision as we could spread out gorgeous jewellery out a little more.

Which meant we sold lots of our sparklers and boxes. Massive WIN for us Pigeons, because we love some of these and are always tempted to whip them into our handbags!

Beverlery Race Course was a really well publicised event, meaning it was extremely full. We were very lucky to be visited by two of our favourite families! One of which includes this gorgeous guy who was a little bit in love with the plastic display pigeons. Cheeky scamp!

Being a busy day makes the long hours pass so quickly. And nothing makes a day pass quicker than a moment like the following story:

Customer: How much is this?! (holding a beautiful trio)
Nana Pigeon: £8
Customer: Put it in a bag, hide it under your table and give it to the lady in the blue coat! Don't tell her I did this. Quick! She's coming!

Blue coat lady approaches our stall

Miss Pigeon: Excuse me. I've been instructed to give you this. Please enjoy
Blue Coat Lady: Oh what's he done now?!

It turned out she is married to an extremely romantic man, who pulls wonderful surprises like this all the time. He came back to thank us and told us the story of how he proposed. Mr Pigeon has got some serious learning to do when it comes to his romantic streak!

All day long, we were lusting after some stunning stock on the stall next to us. Black Cat Vintage had dresses and outfits to die for. They were getting attention all day. This lovely lady tried on and ended up buying this blue 1950's two-piece and wore it for the rest of the day. We'd do the same if we found a get-up as perfect as this!

Working our first ever back-to-back weekend really taught us a few things. Mainly that it's about time we invested in a van, but simply, they aren't as bad as we thought:
  • Leaving home in the dark and arriving home in the dark makes it feel like you've been on a holiday. 
  • You meet a lot more lovely people the longer you're awake. 
  • Make-up does actually work wonders!
  • Pack more food and an extra flask! 
We hope to see oyu at some of our upcoming fairs, in time for the festive season... yes, I said FESTIVE!

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