Sunday, 11 October 2015

Is that you, Autumn?

You've taunted us for a week or so and now you've gone into hiding. We whipped our winter coats out of storage, dusted off a flat cap and darned our bedtime socks in excitement and readiness. Brace ourselves for Autumn...

 ... the best time of year.

If, like Miss Pigeon, you seemed to be a student forever, you may recognise the coming of Autumn as a sign of New Beginnings; and what could be more symbolic of New Beginnings than fresh dewy mornings, the low sun temporarily blinding you with real life lens flare, crisp cool air in your lungs and stinging your cheeks. These are the moments to stop, close your eyes,  take a deep breath and let that wet air frizz your hair.

To New Beginnings 

It's been a long hard slog this year; having our first baby, fathoming out the world with a tiny creature as our responsibility. Friendships put on hold, things put to one side, ideas put to bed, lives almost paused. But this Autumn feels like a big New Beginning for the Pigeons.

Breathing in the low mist that sits still on the fields surrounding our village, I'm reminded that it's such a beautiful time of year; and now I've a new job working in a college, the excitement of Autumnal New Beginnings is rumbling away in my belly again. 

I'm setting up projects, organising events and really enjoying StanleyPigeon pottering about, chatting away to me and the dogs.  The mojo is well and truly back and I'm soaking up all the New Beginnings and styling out some stunning new vintage stock in line with the upcoming festive season.

Fresh Collection

... at one of the projects that's been the long-time-coming! BoxWindow, a shopable (is that even a word) window display at our favourite local venue, Cafe Indie. I'll tell you more about this one another time but for now, here's a sneaky peak of our Autumn inspired window, full of ideas to inspire gifts for men and a colourful season ahead. If you can't wait for a  BoxWindow focused post, go to Indie, enjoy a dirty chai and have a peruse. 

An Old New Beginning

It was in Autumn 2013 that we bought our 1958 Morris Minor, too. An old kind of new, but definitely an exciting time for the Pigeons. I remember it so well because we didn't know the colour and when we saw the sage green gleaming from underneath the layer of dust, my heart skipped. Perfection.

It was a sharp cold day and we were buzzing to be going to look at a Morris Minor so close to our home and for a decent price considering it's condition. An hour later and we were owners of everyone's dream car. 

Back home "Little Green" met with the dogs' approval and a few neighbours came for a nosy, but we'll tell you more and reveal more in a Little Green only post!

It's fairly obvious we are pleased to see the arrival of Autumn and all our upcoming New Beginnings, but we are holding a few back, until details are finalised and posters drawn up.

Take that deep breath and let the wet air frizz your hair, care free.

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