Monday, 30 November 2015

Vintage Girl Gang - Claire ReInkOurNation

Girl Gang Monday's began because of a lack of "gangness" in my life. I know lots of creative, independent, strong women on a one-to-one basis and thought it was about time we started celebrating each other and our vintage inspired lives.

We've had Gwen, Rosie, Jill and now I'm about to induct Claire! 

I first knew of Claire about four years ago when we both worked at a local arts event - she was painting a piano and I was hosting the "street art tent"... Yes. Street. Art. 

I met her son who was a beautiful free spirit who created some artwork on my stand. I watched Claire develop the piano throughout the day and loved what was unfolding. 

The following year I invited Claire to host a stall at my first big art festival. She works under the name ReInkOurNation and was blogging and Facebooking her work, so I knew it would work well in the setting. It turns out it was her first market-type event and she sold loads! I was chuffed for her and soon became a big advocate of her talent, inviting her to further events I was managing and commissioning her for wedding gifts. 

Made for my friend's wedding, when I was a bridesmaid

Made for the same friend's 30th birthday - she now has a small collection!

For my 30th birthday, Claire rocked up with a gift that looked like a small surf board (I was pregnant so this was a perfectly feasible present for a baby?) Once I opened it I was moved to tears to find she'd made a sign for our home! Her and Mr Pigeon had been secretly conversing behind my back, to come up with Pigeon Villa (hence the blog title). This is one of my proudest possessions, still!

Claire has always looked ethereal and has a specific style of her own. When her and her fella asked me to be a guest at their wedding, I couldn't wait to see what they'd do! A woodland wedding with it's reception at (once again, my favourite place, which seemingly gets a mention in every post) Cafe Indie!

Which leads me nicely onto our vintage chat and why Claire is a fully initiated Girl Gang Monday member:

Tell me more about THE dress!
My most memorable vintage buy has to be my wedding dress. I came across it in the window of a charity shop and literally did a double take as I walked by. It was early morning, I'd just walked my son to school and the charity shop wasn't open yet. I wasn't letting that dress out of my sight. I stood on guard outside the door waiting for the staff to arrive and open up, ready to elbow any other wannabe wedding dress buyers out of the way, eyeing up everyone that walked by ready to proclaim 'I was here first!' A twenty minute wait and £10.00 later and the dress of my dreams was mine. I only had to wait another two years to meet the man of my dreams and a further five years to marry him.

This dress wowed everyone on the day and beyond. No-one quite believes it was only ten quid!

Let's talk vintage muses 
I adore Audrey Hepburn's style, in and out of movies. So minimal and so chic. And also so totally in contrast to the kind of clothes I actually buy and wear. 

One can but dream. For more realistic muses I look to bloggers. What I love about bloggers is, generally, they're just ordinary girls like you and me who have gone through a journey of learning what styles suit them, what doesn't, evolving as they've gone along. They've made mistakes. They've learned from them. And they've documented it all. 
My faves would be Rebecca of A Clothes Horse who mixes vintage and new so seemlessly. 

Kerry of Yours Truly, x who sadly no longer blogs, for a sixties, mod kind of vibe.

Louise of Pandora for her ethereal seventies styling. 

And I've just discovered and fallen a little in love with Alix of The Cherry Blossom Girl

You've got a good mix of muses, but when did the vintage "thing" start for you?
I don't think there was a specific point when I got into vintage. It was more a gradual change, a slow process in which my tastes evolved from wanting everything shiny and new and straight *shudders* off a supermarket shelf (yes, there was such a time in my life) to waking up one morning and realising my wardrobe is full of 1970's florals and my bedroom resembles a little old lady's. I like to choose vintage because whatever it is, from a battered tin to a beautiful gown, it has a story to tell, secrets it keeps and a different feel to new, a feeling of having been lived in by other souls and of soaking a little of that up.

Do you remember your first vintage purchase?
It was a bright purple 1970s floral bedsheet set. I'd never seen anything so absurdly beautiful. My mum literally groaned when she saw it - apparently she'd had wallpaper just like it as a child. My mind was blown - wallpaper existed like this too! I've always intended to chop it up to create curtains, a skirt, a dress and myriad other absurdly bright, beautiful purple items but somehow have never quite managed to take the scissors to it.

Knowing you, I know you choose vintage over high street and more "conventional" purchase. Why is that?
I am far from having a purely vintage wardrobe, I'd say it's split 50/50 modern/vintage as I like to mix and match styles but there is a definite appeal to vintage in that there's pretty much no chance of anyone having the same thing as many vintage items were handmade or not made in such mass produced numbers as today. With vintage, uniqueness pretty much comes as part of the package and there is a thrill in knowing I'm the only one that has that dress, or skirt, or those pair of earrings.

Finally, where do you shop?
My shopping is split into three distinct groups. Online, charity and vintage fairs. I'm a sucker for Miss P and her shop and she regularly skints me (it's the 70s floral print fabrics - I just can't resist them). Most of my vintage clothing comes from a combination of my favourite online boutique Fancytreehouse who sells a mixture of old, new and quirky which is so enjoyable to sift through and buying from favourite bloggers, like A Clothes Horse, when they have a closet clearout. The lovely thing about buying from a blogger is generally ideas for a variety of ways to style the item come as part of the package and I'll be able to see just how wearable the item is before I purchase it. And as for charity shopping; I just can't resist a good bargain and a good rummage and that joy that comes from finding a treasure amongst the tat.

Claire is a dream boat when it comes to her relaxed take on almost everything in the world. She's so "chill" and creative, which is why I find her an inspiration when it comes to making my own work and wanting to supply her with the tools to make more artwork and products to sell. Be sure to follow ReInkOurNation on Facebook, instagram and blogger for further updates on her creations, countryside meanderings and outfits of the day :)

Claire, you're gorgeous and you're an incredible Mumma-ReInk. Your red lipstick stripes are to be shown off proudly, as you grow in yourself and IN yourself.
If you'd like to join our Girl Gang, please get in touch with Miss P for details on how to sign up:

Monday, 23 November 2015

Vintage Girl Gang - Jill from Alfie Robot Retro

Girl Gang Monday is one of the favourite parts of my life, right now. Highlighting the lives of strong girls in the vintage scene who influence and inspire me.

So. next up for the offering is Jill, from Alfie Robot Retro.

I first met Jill in December 2014, at my first Loulou's Vintage Fair in Sheffield. I had StanleyPigeon with me as I was still breastfeeding. Jill was right next to me and we spent most of the day talking babies.

We hit it off straight away, but I recognised Jill's husband, Jim, and it was annoying me. It took me a long time to realise who he was. He was Jim, the famous JIM from Viking FM's Rosie and Jim! JIM! It turned out Jim is the biggest fan of our local football team, Scunthorpe United. Not only their biggest fan, but also their Pitch Announcer... No, I don't know what that is either.

After more nattering, I remembered meeting Jill before. Many moons ago at the first fair I took Mr P too, Jill was "selling up everything", because she'd just found out she was having her gorgeous baby, Elsa... So much for "selling up everything" (three years later).  This is much how Pigeon Vintage started out.

Ace! We already had history and tonnes in common; tiny babes, Scunthorpe United, retro, vintage and Jill was pretty blooming cool.


Let's get to know her a little better, then:

When and how did you get into vintage?
I grew up in Chesterfield – a Derbyshire town with a fantastic flea market every Thursday so I was interested in vintage from being a teen in the early 90s. Also my Mum never throws anything away and she’s passed on loads of her old clothes including some made my wonderful late Grandmother.
I got super into vintage in 2009 when we moved north and we finally had space to fill a house with vintage.
I choose vintage to wear and use at home because I just love 60s/70s design. Anything with a garish print preferably in orange and brown I just love. I also like thinking about the history of an item and wondering who wore or used it before.

Do you remember your first vintage purchase? 
I think my first vintage buy was a maroon velvet jacket back in 1993 from Chesterfield flea market. Sadly I don't still have it but I remember loving it and wearing it loads of Britpop gigs throughout the 90s.

What’s your most memorable vintage purchase and why?
Oooo that's hard there has been so many. I think probably our kitchen is the most memorable vintage purchase – when we moved into our house there was a hideous 90s kitchen and we were keen to find something more to our taste. We found an incredible blue formica kitchen on ebay and got a real bargain. The 3 journeys we made to a tiny Dales village to collect it were worth it I think.

Why would you choose a vintage outfit over a high street?
The patterns and cut of vintage clothing just cant be beaten for me. Also you aren’t gonna look the same as everyone else although I often team up vintage with a bit of high street, for me it doesn't have to be all or nothing. I love simple dresses in bright patterns like this one made my dear Grandma.

Where do you shop?
I am always on the look out for vintage, my poor toddler gets dragged all over so I can rummage. I love car boots, charity shops and I’m terrible for buying from other traders during down times at fairs – The Queens Drawers always tempt me with their ace 60s dresses – this is my most recent polyester purchase. I am also a fan of Topshop.

How did you get into trading in vintage?
I moved to near Leeds with my then boyfriend in 2009 and we started going to a few vintage fairs and thought Id love to give it a go. My first fair was in Chapel Allerton in Leeds organized by the lovely Rayon Rose and since then I must have done close to 100 fairs I reckon including ones in Manchester, Sheffield, Newcastle, Birmingham, Scarborough & Hull. It's been scary but I’ve enjoyed organizing 3 of my own and my dead excited about helping Pigeon Vintage with An Indie Kinda Christmas next weekend.

What are the best and worst things about doing what you do?
Best things are seeing someone love an item you’ve found, whether that be a porcelain cat or a slouchy jumper. 
Vintage trading works really well round life with a toddler and allows me to spend a large part of my week with her as I can work weekends when my husband can parent. I also love that I get days out surrounded by lovely people and vintage loveliness. I like a good natter and slice of cake.
Worst – load ins that involve endless stairs! A few fairs I’ve done when it’s obvious the organizer hasn't done any promotion, these are rare. Oh and how heavy Hornsea pottery is!

Who's your vintage muse?
I like how Dawn Porter has really spread the word of vintage fashion into the mainstream and I enjoyed her TV show.

As far as organizing my own fairs (I ran 2 in Ilkley and one in my village- Burley In Wharfedale this year) then the super lovely Caroline Brown at Rose & Brown Vintage kindly shared her fair organizing expertise with me. Caroline has been holding fairs in Saltaire for 8 years now and also runs fairs in Whitby.

And I’m not sucking up but Hayley from Pigeon Vintage (*blush*) inspired me to try Instagram and since then I’ve built up an ace following of over 1200 on there and sell quite a lot this way.
Oh and my Mum for just keeping everything – when we first started doing fairs she found 120 pairs of polyester mens psychedelic pattern Y fronts in her attic which sold out quickly!

New recruit? For sure!

How cool is Jill? She's the coolest. She's a roller derby girl n all! Major cool points and hugely beneficial to Pigeon Vintage Girl Gang, in case we need someone in roller skates to kick some ass!

Jill Robot, you blow my mind in your brilliance to travel far and wide and remain one of the truest and most dedicated mums I know. Pigeon Vintage Girl Gang, is blessed to have you. Wear your red lipstick stripes with pride, you badass, you!

Monday, 16 November 2015

Vintage Girl Gang - Rosie Hearts Vintage

Onto my next recruit! Rosie Hearts Vintage was opposite my stall at Kelham Hall's Big Vintage Festival, (organised by Britain Does Vintage)... REMEMBER? 

Yeah! Exactly! Who could forget this scrumptious creature? Well, I spent most of the morning feeling terrible with sinusitis and two 4.30am starts, then this rock chick swans in looking marvelous with my dream hair, dress and shoes! It was inevitable I'd develop a bit of a girl crush and that I'd raid her stall in the hope she had some shit hot dresses to make me feel better. And she did! WIN! Not only were her dresses incred, she was also really lovely and funny. 
Let's take a look at what we have here:
  • Cool stock (tick)
  • Ace hair (tick)
  • Awesome dress and belt (tick)
  • Really lovely (tick)
  • Funny (tick)
  • and a MUM (uber tick)
To make Rosie even cooler, she agreed to be part of my Girl Gang, so I set to on questioning her about how she is what she is:

How did you get into what you do?

"I was trained for the life of a vintage trader from a very young age as my mum was an antiques dealer and dragged me around car boot sales since before I can remember! I hated it when I was little but I guess it got under my skin and I caught the bug! Ive been trading now for about 3 and a half years and it feels like literally the BEST career for me. I guess the thing I love most about wearing vintage and filling my home with vintage is that every piece has a history/ tells a story. Also it's ethical (I'm a big recycler!) and cost effective. And I just love it that I can wear things which I know nobody else will be wearing."

Do you remember your first vintage purchase?
"Yes, it was when I was 12, I bought this amazing framed original 1969 poster for £3 from a car boot sale. It now lives in my daughters bedroom and I know I'll keep it forever! Ps it's huge!

If we're talking first vintage non homewares piece that would be this little alligator bag which just goes with everything! Also from a car boot sale for 50p aged 13.

My most memorable vintage purchase is this simple yet totally gorge dress which I bought from a lady selling second hand clothes from a gypsy caravan in Coffs Harbour, Australia. It was 10 dollars, I was desperate to buy more but on a backpacker budget! I've worn it so many times and kind of regret now that I didn't get married in it!!"

Where do you find your treasure?
"I mainly shop in charity shops/ car boot sales/ vintage fairs. And I'm not gonna lie there may be the occasional purchase made at Urban Outfitters & Office."

How do you feel about reproduction vintage gear and High Street shopping?
"I'm not a big fan of reproduction vintage clothing, I just think if you're gonna go for it then go for the real thing... I think you can usually tell the difference quite easily and also the quality just won't be there.

I'd choose a vintage outfit over a high street one because I know I will get a look that is different to most people's. Also I find the high street shops just hugely uninspiring and disappointing. Once you've gone vintage you can never go back!

You've clearly got a massive vintage wardrobe, what's one of your favourite outfit combos?
"This is one of my fave vintage outfits...

I'm wearing a silk floral skirt and a feathered shoulder Cape. I can be wearing any old outfit and throw on that Cape and feel like an instant badass! I just love it!"

Girl Gang Monday is all about who inspires me in the vintage world. Who would you say you'd hold up there as one of your vintage muses?
"I have lots but I guess my main gal would have to be Kate Bush, we had a video when I was a kid of all her music videos in one tape and I used to be so mesmerised by her (and still am actually). She is such an amazing woman and uses clothes/stage outfits to empower herself and create an emotive."

I think you'll all agree that Rosie has more than earned her war paint stripes in our Girl Gang. Her laid-back style is impeccable, she can pull off outfits from a range of eras (check out her @rosieheartsvintage instagram feed) without looking like she's in fancy dress and she is on depop too! That makes her stock super easy to shop! 

ROSIE! You're a total babe and #mumboss extraordinaire. You've well and truly earned your Pigeon Vintage Girl Gang stripes!

To be part of our Girl Gang, get in touch with Miss P with all the reasons why you're a total badass: 

Monday, 9 November 2015

Vintage Girl Gang - Gwen

We all have girl friends, don't we? Few, lots, some, close friends, long distance gals. Recently I realised that I've never had a GANG of girl mates. I started to get really envious of bloggers and Instagrammers who post pictures of their gangs of girl mates and frivolously hashtag #girlgang. I was so envious in fact, that I'd switch my phone off in a huff that I was sans (French for "without") my own #girlgang. I was in a #girlgang grump! Why not just "unfollow" or "unlike" or just not be bothered by them?!


Why not start my OWN #girlgang *ahem* Girl Gang?!

Currently, my Girl Gang consists of ladies who inspire me creatively, in their lifestyle, vintagely (yes it's a word) or simply because they're BADASS!

First up in her badassery is the glorious Gwen:

Me and Gwen met at Lindsey Lodge Vintage A-Fair last year. She was a bit in love with Stanley and our meeting was a bit rushed, but I felt a bond with her. Perhaps this girl was about to be ganged.

Since then we've chatted over chai, tittered over tea, drooled over dresses, carried undignified drunk friends out of the ladies loos and and scoffed Mr Pigeon's yummy roast dinner; I think it's safe to say Gwen is fully initiated!

I asked Gwen a few questions to get to her vintage core:

How did you get into vintage and why do you make vintage lifestyle choices?
"I was brought up on second hand, charity shops and jumble sales that was all I knew growing up. My mum is extremely thrifty and my love of rummaging has definitely come from her. Uncovering that gem is just the best. I think my love of vintage comes from being very sentimental, I like all that history and charm that comes with a vintage item.

I even remember my first vintage purchase! It was when I was at college. I unearthed a beautiful silk, liberty print dress from a musty vintage shop in York. I still have it hanging in my wardrobe and I am still proud of that purchase.

It's difficult to choose my favourite vintage item cause most of my purchases are memorable, usually down to them being absolute bargains! I’m going to say my 1970s suede and shearling jacket just because I was hunting for one for ages and found the perfect one at the LouLou's Vintage Fair in Scunthorpe last year. I wear it so much, it’s perfect!"

Do you always choose vintage over high street brands?
"I don’t get the same rush with high street clothes, the material isn’t as nice and it’s not as well made. A lot of my vintage pieces are hand made so they are one offs, totally unique, which makes it special."

Where do you buy your bargains?
"I shop everywhere, charity shops, ebay and I have a long list of shops that are great. I bought at lot from when I was in London at university. I hunted down all the good car boots and markets. Beyond Retro and Absolute Vintage were my hideouts and provided me with some real gems. Sheffield is bursting with good vintage and at bargain prices, COW and Mooch are definitely recommended a visit and Hull is very good too. Chinese Laundry is a nostalgic favourite of mine where I always find something."

Do you ever buy reproduction vintage?"No I don’t buy it, I haven’t really looked that much into it. I did find a pair of second hand Tara Starlet 50s style capri pants which are very, very good, but I find reproduction usually a tad expensive and I think I’m just too much of a vintage snob. I’d feel like I was cheating. I prefer the real deal."

So, Girl Gang Mondays are all about sharing my vintage muses, who's yours?
"My grandma from back in the day, she had so much style but in a laid back kind of way. I saved a lot of her clothes and I still wear a few bits now, which is really lucky and I think it would make her laugh if she knew."

Gwen has worked for me at some of the Scunthorpe vintage fairs. Her styling of my rails is second to none... I'm convinced it's because she's having a shop as she goes! She's an artist and I've always tried to support her work. I bought a piece from one of her solo exhibitions and put it up in Stanley's bedroom.

Gwen isn't only one of the coolest girls I know, she's also one of the loveliest who has cute thoughts and says nice things, and she's totally effing bodacious! 

See? She even makes Hull look hot!

Girl Gang Mondays will continue as long as I have badass vintage girls on my side... get in touch if you want to be part of my Girl Gang and are happy to answer a few questions over a chai latte!

Saturday, 7 November 2015


It's no secret that Cafe Indie is our favourite local venue. The place does a lot for us and we have helped them out where we can in the past.

It's been a long time since I was able to have any involvement with the place, since having Stanley I wanted to be the best Muma Pigeon I could, so all my efforts went into him for a long while. Once I'd returned to working life, I really found my mojo again and approached Indie with an idea that had been brewing for a long time...

Cafe Indie has a humongous presence on Scunthorpe High Street, with floor to ceiling windows across the whole shop front. Above these windows is a well-known-to-town-folk mosaic, striking in colours and form. These make for a striking  presence in an otherwise "cut and paste" small town high street.

Pinched courtesy of Paul Rhoades Photography
There's an odd little space to the right of this vast frontage, which is framed off, pushed out slightly, elongated in length and prominent in view. It sits behind the well-used children's area once you're inside, but is a pretty little spot that we thought needed some attention.

And so, the birth of BoxWindow.

After conversations with the cafe manager, it was clear that the space could be run by myself as an opportunity to sell stock and to create vibrant window displays that would benefit both Pigeon Vintage and Cafe Indie. With my background in Fine Art and working in various galleries, I was keen to put my visual elements training to good use again.

About 50 glass decanter stoppers hang from the front of the window from fishing wire, framing the window with an ethereal glare. I sourced these on a selling site for £5. As soon as I saw them, I knew that BoxWindow would happen just as I wanted it to. A little vintage, a little quirky, a little fresh, and little Autumn (click here for my post on Autumnal reflections).

I cleaned, painted, stocked and decorated for about two weeks in between being a Mum and working in my new role as Art Technician at a local college (I blog there, too).

The name BoxWindow is self explanatory, as is the simple design that I created.
Enzyme Design tidied it up for me and made me this window vinyl to make us look a bit more professional regards using this as a "venue" for exhibiting and displaying sale stock and artworks.

With each visit, more stock arrived. I wrote on a load of vintage mirrors "Exciting Things To Come", so people knew it was a work-in-progress.

I'd bought these Kan-U-Go cards from trader friend Jill of Alfie Robot Retro, I knew they'd feature somehow, then when all my Autumn feels started to arrive, it all came together. My first theme would be Autumn, reflecting the New Beginnings I always feel around this time.

"Is That You Autumn" was threaded with vintage buttons along the front of the window, allowing a pause for thought and a context of the design process.

Pigeon Vintage's vast stock of vintage fabrics came in handy to inject some much needed colours in the sides and background. These are all for sale.

These lovely girlies were helping me out on the final day of placing items! The cheeky ladies brightened up my day no end!

BoxWindow launched on Wednesday 23rd September 2015, as a fully "shopable" (still looking for a better word) window display.

My first sale was this reel-to-reel tape deck. Fully working with it's original bakelite sockets and switches. It was the first red one we'd ever had in stock and it didn't even last a week.

The first sale was so exciting and I celebrated with my favourite drink from Indie; a chai latte! But then a problem was posed... there was a GAP! My next visit saw me installing a few more items that were easily moved around in case further gaps appeared... which they did! We've sold mirrors, fabrics, vintage comics and have had tonnes of inquiries about the typewriter, which is pretty much the only item not for sale!

So that everyone is aware, Cafe Indie is a not-for-profit company. You can read more about them here. So that I pay my way as a resident in their beautiful building, Cafe Indie get a cut of the profits from each sale and as much publicity as I can provide by way of social media and marketing the fact that I'm present in their space. To make this clear to shoppers and customers in the cafe, I drew up this sign on a broken old suitcase of mine.

The intention with BoxWindow is to have the display themed and changing every few weeks/months, depending on my availability and stock relevance to events in the venue. In a few weeks, I'm hoping that the art students in my workplace will take over the space and curate their own show, to give the vintage shoppers a bit of a break. Keep your pigeon peepers peeled for more info on this.

In the meantime... go take a look at BoxWindow;  let me know your thoughts, shops and support not only a very small local business, but also an incredible not-for-profit company doing all the good things for our humble town of Scunthorpe!

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Lindsey Lodge's Vintage A-Fair

We've been visiting Lindsey Lodge's Vintage A-Fair over the last few years, grabbing bargains and swooning over the old clothes smell that only vintage fairs can make seem delicious!

Lindsey Lodge is a local hospice which I hold close to my heart, after a very good friend of mine spent some time in there the last moments of her beautiful life. I've always tried to support the charity by attending their events. 

Our second visit was two years ago (according to Timehop), when I bagged myself two vintage dresses and Mr P got two vintage tailored immaculate suits all for £60!

Lindsey Lodge started hosting these vintage fairs at a small church hall in Ashby, Scunthorpe. It was a great venue but just couldn't host the masses of hoards of gazillions of people who were drawn like moths to the vintage flame. And so to Redbourn Club; a venue which claims to be the largest in Scunthorpe. 

Pigeon Vintage at Lindsey Lodge Vintage A-Fair, 2014

Last year we had our own stall, in the smaller hall. It was our StanleyPigeon's first time hosting a fair. He drew a lot of attention and added to his ever growing vintage clothing collection.

Stanley still has this coat sitting at the front of his vintage wardrobe. It'll be in there a long time, until he says to get rid of it!

Three generations of Pigeons. My first fair as a daughter and a Muma.

Saturday 24th October 2015

Stanley's bigger, my hair's shorter and we didn't have a stall, but our enthusiasm and excitement was rather palpable (as you can tell by this photo below, which was taken by Mrs Bertimus, who we ALWAYS bump into at this sort of shindig)! Mrs Bertimus' blog about this year's fair can be found here:

It made such a massive difference to the enjoyability of the event to attend as a customer and not a trader. I was able to get DRESSED UP! I even managed to scrape some make-up on and brush my hair!

What's so lovely about Lindsey Lodge's fairs is that they feel really local while providing top notch quality vintage traders and experiences. They have live singers, musicians and dancers who transport you to the 1940's with their genuine outfits and awesome talents.

These guys were incredible! I was in total awe of their dancing talents. My quick shuffles aren't quite as neatly polished as theirs ;)

Outside were some brave and extremely proud vintage car owners, displaying their pride and joys. The place where Mr P is in his element!

Not many of you may know, but Mr Pigeon trained as a vintage car mechanic back when he was an apprentice. He learned the trade from being 16 and has got a vast amount of knowledge on all things vintage car related. So, it's at this point I'll pass over to him for a quick write up about the cars at the fair:

The cars were around the back on the venue and were a bit of a surprise because we didn't see them when we drove in. It made it more worth going along with Miss P,  being able to spend some time with these old motors. 

This lovely old Mercedes 300 Sedan diesel is in absolutely mint original condition.

It was as good on the inside as on the out, with this red leather interior.

It's clearly well looked after

This old gent spoke to me for ages about his Morris Eight E series, four door saloon. He's local to where Miss P grew up, so we had a long chat about his car history. It turned out he's always had Moggies, so we got talking about our Little Green (if you don't remember her, click here for a quick introduction; a post will follow about her in time).

This was the show stopper for me, though. An Austin 7, Ulster Special. The owner was local and has always had vintage cars. By the way we were talking, I got the impression he looks after the cars himself. It turns out he also has a collection of vintage motorcycles. We swapped details in case he can provide me with any further Moggy parts and have a look at his motorbike collection.  

The owner was kind enough to let our StanleyPigeon have a play in the driver's seat. He looked like a pro!


I could rattle on about this car, but luckily Miss P took a photo of this write-up:

All in all, we had a really lovely day, catching up with fellow traders, buying tonnes of things we couldn't really afford, having some quality time as a family and being able to promote our upcoming event (details to be released very soon ;) ).

So I'd like to take a big fat THANK YOU to Lindsey Lodge for hosting another excellent event!

Aldi PANdemonium

This week instagram has gone all hearts-for-eyes over some pans. We all crave a bit of Catherine Holm's classic and bold kitchenalia. ...