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Vintage Girl Gang - Claire ReInkOurNation

Girl Gang Monday's began because of a lack of "gangness" in my life. I know lots of creative, independent, strong women on a one-to-one basis and thought it was about time we started celebrating each other and our vintage inspired lives.

We've had Gwen, Rosie, Jill and now I'm about to induct Claire! 

I first knew of Claire about four years ago when we both worked at a local arts event - she was painting a piano and I was hosting the "street art tent"... Yes. Street. Art. 

I met her son who was a beautiful free spirit who created some artwork on my stand. I watched Claire develop the piano throughout the day and loved what was unfolding. 

The following year I invited Claire to host a stall at my first big art festival. She works under the name ReInkOurNation and was blogging and Facebooking her work, so I knew it would work well in the setting. It turns out it was her first market-type event and she sold loads! I was chuffed for her and soon became a big a…

Vintage Girl Gang - Jill from Alfie Robot Retro

Girl Gang Monday is one of the favourite parts of my life, right now. Highlighting the lives of strong girls in the vintage scene who influence and inspire me.

So. next up for the offering is Jill, from Alfie Robot Retro.

I first met Jill in December 2014, at my first Loulou's Vintage Fair in Sheffield. I had StanleyPigeon with me as I was still breastfeeding. Jill was right next to me and we spent most of the day talking babies.

We hit it off straight away, but I recognised Jill's husband, Jim, and it was annoying me. It took me a long time to realise who he was. He was Jim, the famous JIM from Viking FM's Rosie and Jim! JIM! It turned out Jim is the biggest fan of our local football team, Scunthorpe United. Not only their biggest fan, but also their Pitch Announcer... No, I don't know what that is either.

After more nattering, I remembered meeting Jill before. Many moons ago at the first fair I took Mr P too, Jill was "selling up everything", because she'…

Vintage Girl Gang - Rosie Hearts Vintage

Onto my next recruit! Rosie Hearts Vintage was opposite my stall at Kelham Hall's Big Vintage Festival, (organised by Britain Does Vintage)... REMEMBER? 

Yeah! Exactly! Who could forget this scrumptious creature? Well, I spent most of the morning feeling terrible with sinusitis and two 4.30am starts, then this rock chick swans in looking marvelous with my dream hair, dress and shoes! It was inevitable I'd develop a bit of a girl crush and that I'd raid her stall in the hope she had some shit hot dresses to make me feel better. And she did! WIN! Not only were her dresses incred, she was also really lovely and funny. 
Let's take a look at what we have here:
Cool stock (tick)Ace hair (tick)Awesome dress and belt (tick) Really lovely (tick)Funny (tick) and a MUM (uber tick) To make Rosie even cooler, she agreed to be part of my Girl Gang, so I set to on questioning her about how she is what she is:

How did you get into what you do?
"I was trained for the life of a vintag…

Vintage Girl Gang - Gwen

We all have girl friends, don't we? Few, lots, some, close friends, long distance gals. Recently I realised that I've never had a GANG of girl mates. I started to get really envious of bloggers and Instagrammers who post pictures of their gangs of girl mates and frivolously hashtag #girlgang. I was so envious in fact, that I'd switch my phone off in a huff that I was sans (French for "without") my own #girlgang. I was in a #girlgang grump! Why not just "unfollow" or "unlike" or just not be bothered by them?!


Why not start my OWN #girlgang *ahem* Girl Gang?!Currently, my Girl Gang consists of ladies who inspire me creatively, in their lifestyle, vintagely (yes it's a word) or simply because they're BADASS!

First up in her badassery is the glorious Gwen:

Me and Gwen met at Lindsey Lodge Vintage A-Fair last year. She was a bit in love with Stanley and our meeting was a bit rushed, but I felt a bond with her. Perhaps this girl was about …


It's no secret that Cafe Indie is our favourite local venue. The place does a lot for us and we have helped them out where we can in the past.

It's been a long time since I was able to have any involvement with the place, since having Stanley I wanted to be the best Muma Pigeon I could, so all my efforts went into him for a long while. Once I'd returned to working life, I really found my mojo again and approached Indie with an idea that had been brewing for a long time...

Cafe Indie has a humongous presence on Scunthorpe High Street, with floor to ceiling windows across the whole shop front. Above these windows is a well-known-to-town-folk mosaic, striking in colours and form. These make for a striking  presence in an otherwise "cut and paste" small town high street.

There's an odd little space to the right of this vast frontage, which is framed off, pushed out slightly, elongated in length and prominent in view. It sits behind the well-used children's area …

Lindsey Lodge's Vintage A-Fair

We've been visiting Lindsey Lodge's Vintage A-Fair over the last few years, grabbing bargains and swooning over the old clothes smell that only vintage fairs can make seem delicious!
Lindsey Lodge is a local hospice which I hold close to my heart, after a very good friend of mine spent some time in there the last moments of her beautiful life. I've always tried to support the charity by attending their events. 
Our second visit was two years ago (according to Timehop), when I bagged myself two vintage dresses and Mr P got two vintage tailored immaculate suits all for £60!

Lindsey Lodge started hosting these vintage fairs at a small church hall in Ashby, Scunthorpe. It was a great venue but just couldn't host the masses of hoards of gazillions of people who were drawn like moths to the vintage flame. And so to Redbourn Club; a venue which claims to be the largest in Scunthorpe. 
Pigeon Vintage at Lindsey Lodge Vintage A-Fair, 2014
Last year we had our own stall, in the smal…