Monday, 9 November 2015

Vintage Girl Gang - Gwen

We all have girl friends, don't we? Few, lots, some, close friends, long distance gals. Recently I realised that I've never had a GANG of girl mates. I started to get really envious of bloggers and Instagrammers who post pictures of their gangs of girl mates and frivolously hashtag #girlgang. I was so envious in fact, that I'd switch my phone off in a huff that I was sans (French for "without") my own #girlgang. I was in a #girlgang grump! Why not just "unfollow" or "unlike" or just not be bothered by them?!


Why not start my OWN #girlgang *ahem* Girl Gang?!

Currently, my Girl Gang consists of ladies who inspire me creatively, in their lifestyle, vintagely (yes it's a word) or simply because they're BADASS!

First up in her badassery is the glorious Gwen:

Me and Gwen met at Lindsey Lodge Vintage A-Fair last year. She was a bit in love with Stanley and our meeting was a bit rushed, but I felt a bond with her. Perhaps this girl was about to be ganged.

Since then we've chatted over chai, tittered over tea, drooled over dresses, carried undignified drunk friends out of the ladies loos and and scoffed Mr Pigeon's yummy roast dinner; I think it's safe to say Gwen is fully initiated!

I asked Gwen a few questions to get to her vintage core:

How did you get into vintage and why do you make vintage lifestyle choices?
"I was brought up on second hand, charity shops and jumble sales that was all I knew growing up. My mum is extremely thrifty and my love of rummaging has definitely come from her. Uncovering that gem is just the best. I think my love of vintage comes from being very sentimental, I like all that history and charm that comes with a vintage item.

I even remember my first vintage purchase! It was when I was at college. I unearthed a beautiful silk, liberty print dress from a musty vintage shop in York. I still have it hanging in my wardrobe and I am still proud of that purchase.

It's difficult to choose my favourite vintage item cause most of my purchases are memorable, usually down to them being absolute bargains! I’m going to say my 1970s suede and shearling jacket just because I was hunting for one for ages and found the perfect one at the LouLou's Vintage Fair in Scunthorpe last year. I wear it so much, it’s perfect!"

Do you always choose vintage over high street brands?
"I don’t get the same rush with high street clothes, the material isn’t as nice and it’s not as well made. A lot of my vintage pieces are hand made so they are one offs, totally unique, which makes it special."

Where do you buy your bargains?
"I shop everywhere, charity shops, ebay and I have a long list of shops that are great. I bought at lot from when I was in London at university. I hunted down all the good car boots and markets. Beyond Retro and Absolute Vintage were my hideouts and provided me with some real gems. Sheffield is bursting with good vintage and at bargain prices, COW and Mooch are definitely recommended a visit and Hull is very good too. Chinese Laundry is a nostalgic favourite of mine where I always find something."

Do you ever buy reproduction vintage?"No I don’t buy it, I haven’t really looked that much into it. I did find a pair of second hand Tara Starlet 50s style capri pants which are very, very good, but I find reproduction usually a tad expensive and I think I’m just too much of a vintage snob. I’d feel like I was cheating. I prefer the real deal."

So, Girl Gang Mondays are all about sharing my vintage muses, who's yours?
"My grandma from back in the day, she had so much style but in a laid back kind of way. I saved a lot of her clothes and I still wear a few bits now, which is really lucky and I think it would make her laugh if she knew."

Gwen has worked for me at some of the Scunthorpe vintage fairs. Her styling of my rails is second to none... I'm convinced it's because she's having a shop as she goes! She's an artist and I've always tried to support her work. I bought a piece from one of her solo exhibitions and put it up in Stanley's bedroom.

Gwen isn't only one of the coolest girls I know, she's also one of the loveliest who has cute thoughts and says nice things, and she's totally effing bodacious! 

See? She even makes Hull look hot!

Girl Gang Mondays will continue as long as I have badass vintage girls on my side... get in touch if you want to be part of my Girl Gang and are happy to answer a few questions over a chai latte!

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