Monday, 16 November 2015

Vintage Girl Gang - Rosie Hearts Vintage

Onto my next recruit! Rosie Hearts Vintage was opposite my stall at Kelham Hall's Big Vintage Festival, (organised by Britain Does Vintage)... REMEMBER? 

Yeah! Exactly! Who could forget this scrumptious creature? Well, I spent most of the morning feeling terrible with sinusitis and two 4.30am starts, then this rock chick swans in looking marvelous with my dream hair, dress and shoes! It was inevitable I'd develop a bit of a girl crush and that I'd raid her stall in the hope she had some shit hot dresses to make me feel better. And she did! WIN! Not only were her dresses incred, she was also really lovely and funny. 
Let's take a look at what we have here:
  • Cool stock (tick)
  • Ace hair (tick)
  • Awesome dress and belt (tick)
  • Really lovely (tick)
  • Funny (tick)
  • and a MUM (uber tick)
To make Rosie even cooler, she agreed to be part of my Girl Gang, so I set to on questioning her about how she is what she is:

How did you get into what you do?

"I was trained for the life of a vintage trader from a very young age as my mum was an antiques dealer and dragged me around car boot sales since before I can remember! I hated it when I was little but I guess it got under my skin and I caught the bug! Ive been trading now for about 3 and a half years and it feels like literally the BEST career for me. I guess the thing I love most about wearing vintage and filling my home with vintage is that every piece has a history/ tells a story. Also it's ethical (I'm a big recycler!) and cost effective. And I just love it that I can wear things which I know nobody else will be wearing."

Do you remember your first vintage purchase?
"Yes, it was when I was 12, I bought this amazing framed original 1969 poster for £3 from a car boot sale. It now lives in my daughters bedroom and I know I'll keep it forever! Ps it's huge!

If we're talking first vintage non homewares piece that would be this little alligator bag which just goes with everything! Also from a car boot sale for 50p aged 13.

My most memorable vintage purchase is this simple yet totally gorge dress which I bought from a lady selling second hand clothes from a gypsy caravan in Coffs Harbour, Australia. It was 10 dollars, I was desperate to buy more but on a backpacker budget! I've worn it so many times and kind of regret now that I didn't get married in it!!"

Where do you find your treasure?
"I mainly shop in charity shops/ car boot sales/ vintage fairs. And I'm not gonna lie there may be the occasional purchase made at Urban Outfitters & Office."

How do you feel about reproduction vintage gear and High Street shopping?
"I'm not a big fan of reproduction vintage clothing, I just think if you're gonna go for it then go for the real thing... I think you can usually tell the difference quite easily and also the quality just won't be there.

I'd choose a vintage outfit over a high street one because I know I will get a look that is different to most people's. Also I find the high street shops just hugely uninspiring and disappointing. Once you've gone vintage you can never go back!

You've clearly got a massive vintage wardrobe, what's one of your favourite outfit combos?
"This is one of my fave vintage outfits...

I'm wearing a silk floral skirt and a feathered shoulder Cape. I can be wearing any old outfit and throw on that Cape and feel like an instant badass! I just love it!"

Girl Gang Monday is all about who inspires me in the vintage world. Who would you say you'd hold up there as one of your vintage muses?
"I have lots but I guess my main gal would have to be Kate Bush, we had a video when I was a kid of all her music videos in one tape and I used to be so mesmerised by her (and still am actually). She is such an amazing woman and uses clothes/stage outfits to empower herself and create an emotive."

I think you'll all agree that Rosie has more than earned her war paint stripes in our Girl Gang. Her laid-back style is impeccable, she can pull off outfits from a range of eras (check out her @rosieheartsvintage instagram feed) without looking like she's in fancy dress and she is on depop too! That makes her stock super easy to shop! 

ROSIE! You're a total babe and #mumboss extraordinaire. You've well and truly earned your Pigeon Vintage Girl Gang stripes!

To be part of our Girl Gang, get in touch with Miss P with all the reasons why you're a total badass: 

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