Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Lindsey Lodge's Vintage A-Fair

We've been visiting Lindsey Lodge's Vintage A-Fair over the last few years, grabbing bargains and swooning over the old clothes smell that only vintage fairs can make seem delicious!

Lindsey Lodge is a local hospice which I hold close to my heart, after a very good friend of mine spent some time in there the last moments of her beautiful life. I've always tried to support the charity by attending their events. 

Our second visit was two years ago (according to Timehop), when I bagged myself two vintage dresses and Mr P got two vintage tailored immaculate suits all for £60!

Lindsey Lodge started hosting these vintage fairs at a small church hall in Ashby, Scunthorpe. It was a great venue but just couldn't host the masses of hoards of gazillions of people who were drawn like moths to the vintage flame. And so to Redbourn Club; a venue which claims to be the largest in Scunthorpe. 

Pigeon Vintage at Lindsey Lodge Vintage A-Fair, 2014

Last year we had our own stall, in the smaller hall. It was our StanleyPigeon's first time hosting a fair. He drew a lot of attention and added to his ever growing vintage clothing collection.

Stanley still has this coat sitting at the front of his vintage wardrobe. It'll be in there a long time, until he says to get rid of it!

Three generations of Pigeons. My first fair as a daughter and a Muma.

Saturday 24th October 2015

Stanley's bigger, my hair's shorter and we didn't have a stall, but our enthusiasm and excitement was rather palpable (as you can tell by this photo below, which was taken by Mrs Bertimus, who we ALWAYS bump into at this sort of shindig)! Mrs Bertimus' blog about this year's fair can be found here:

It made such a massive difference to the enjoyability of the event to attend as a customer and not a trader. I was able to get DRESSED UP! I even managed to scrape some make-up on and brush my hair!

What's so lovely about Lindsey Lodge's fairs is that they feel really local while providing top notch quality vintage traders and experiences. They have live singers, musicians and dancers who transport you to the 1940's with their genuine outfits and awesome talents.

These guys were incredible! I was in total awe of their dancing talents. My quick shuffles aren't quite as neatly polished as theirs ;)

Outside were some brave and extremely proud vintage car owners, displaying their pride and joys. The place where Mr P is in his element!

Not many of you may know, but Mr Pigeon trained as a vintage car mechanic back when he was an apprentice. He learned the trade from being 16 and has got a vast amount of knowledge on all things vintage car related. So, it's at this point I'll pass over to him for a quick write up about the cars at the fair:

The cars were around the back on the venue and were a bit of a surprise because we didn't see them when we drove in. It made it more worth going along with Miss P,  being able to spend some time with these old motors. 

This lovely old Mercedes 300 Sedan diesel is in absolutely mint original condition.

It was as good on the inside as on the out, with this red leather interior.

It's clearly well looked after

This old gent spoke to me for ages about his Morris Eight E series, four door saloon. He's local to where Miss P grew up, so we had a long chat about his car history. It turned out he's always had Moggies, so we got talking about our Little Green (if you don't remember her, click here for a quick introduction; a post will follow about her in time).

This was the show stopper for me, though. An Austin 7, Ulster Special. The owner was local and has always had vintage cars. By the way we were talking, I got the impression he looks after the cars himself. It turns out he also has a collection of vintage motorcycles. We swapped details in case he can provide me with any further Moggy parts and have a look at his motorbike collection.  

The owner was kind enough to let our StanleyPigeon have a play in the driver's seat. He looked like a pro!


I could rattle on about this car, but luckily Miss P took a photo of this write-up:

All in all, we had a really lovely day, catching up with fellow traders, buying tonnes of things we couldn't really afford, having some quality time as a family and being able to promote our upcoming event (details to be released very soon ;) ).

So I'd like to take a big fat THANK YOU to Lindsey Lodge for hosting another excellent event!

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