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An Indie Kinda Christmas 2015!

"It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.. ding dong ding dong"
and I really wanted to mark it, with a big Miss Pigeon event organising come back! Chatting with David from Cafe Indie (again), lead to him asking if I'd be interested in tackling their Christmas event, this year. 

We weren't sure what the event would be but knew we'd want a good mix of local makers, artists, musicians and traders. Was it a fair, market or fete? To make sure the event wasn't pigeon-holed (ahem), we called our event An Indie Kinda Christmas! That way we could make changes and new additions while pulling the shindig together.

I was a little nervous about getting back in the game (as you can read in my "Is that you autumn?" post, here) so asked the awesome and brilliant Jill from Alfie Robot Retro (Girl Gang member three) to give me a hand with pulling it together and getting some quality traders in.

The Facebook event was created. It was OFFISHUL! The ball was rolling with a bit of a buzz between local traders wanting a stall or to be involved somehow. 

I spoke to a few students at my proper job who were really keen to design the poster and flyers for the event, meaning they gained some professional practice experience for their art portfolios. Perfect!

Next, onto decorating the humongous venue! I knew it would be something colourful to reflect the nature of what Indie means to everyone; a vibrant and exciting space to be in. I knew I didn't have a budget so would have to use something from stock (tonnes and tonnes of lampshades and craft material ends). I knew I'd need some inspiration; Hellooo Pinterest and Instagrammers for some Pinstagramspiration.

Pinterest is sometimes a good starting point for me, but it's important to develop away from someone else's ideas and make them your own... With the help of half of Scunthorpe's knitters!

While scrolling Instagram (addicted), I happened across VintageCheadle's pompom inspirations. 

Cue call outs to local crafters, friends and the magnificent Knit Happens ladies! Knit Happens is a group that meet twice a week at Cafe Indie and knit/crochet/pompom their personal projects while they eat delicious cakes and have a catch up. These ladies have been incredibly prolific in their making over the last year and I'm always guaranteed a smile whenever I join them. 

We met at Red Tent, a monthly women's only event at Indie that celebrates all things LADY! The photos below are courtesy of Sian from the awesomely brilliant local band Ramble Gamble

Fairly typically of me, I used one of our vintage suitcases to store only half of the pompom creations.

It was all coming together nicely, until StanleyPigeon and I got a minging cold on the week of the big gig! Luckily I had plenty of people helping out behind the scenes, to decorate and pull together all the wool and pompoms. 

Over to An Indie Kinda Christmas  

The photos below were captured by a very talented graphics and photography student, Molly Richards, who offered to take these pictures while she hosted her family stall for Wet Records (more to come from them soon).

I designed this vinyl for boxwindow and had it created by the lovely Ryan of Enzyme Designs
This suitcase came from my collection many moons ago. I made this welcome sign when David first told me about his new cafe venture all that time ago :)
There's Mr P's sign, again!
and again!

Me, acting a buffoon and showing off my lampshade Christmas tree that greeted customers as they arrived. Behind is the mezzanine floor banisters, covered in knitted and pompommed garlands!
The Pigeon Vintage stall which was expertly hosted by Nana Pigeon
Alfie Robot Retro always make incredible use of their space
My Beautiful Frame's stall which proved very popular for personalised gifts.
Mr Pop Comics and Mrs Pop Comics hosted their first joint stall, selling these awesome frames and some vintage goodies on the side!
Mrs Vagrant Art getting into the spirit of An Indie Kinda Christmas
And some of the Vagrant Artists' work
And local artist Irene McGrath joining in...
... selling her homemade glass art, ceramics and recycled findings.
Oops made some sparklin' wreaths from secondhand jewellery
Mr and Mrs Shabbadashery selling their vintage homewares and record collections
The gorgeous Claire of ReInkOurNation - she's Girl Gang member #4, for my Girl Gang Monday blog project!
Claire's work is beautiful, I highly recommend a look at her Etsy page, if you're struggling for Christmas presents
The trendy AboveBored and Envy Beard Oil boys' stall
The Party Frock brought along some ace Christmas gifts for the geeks
The glorious Becka from Vintage Edited. It was her first time as a trader and we were so pleased to be her first event!

Revellers brought along friends and family, filling the place with a very Indie kind of festive feeling. 

I organised some top notch local musical talent to entertain us on the Friday evening:
Rachel Lewis serenaded us with some original tracks
Chris Cooper stepped in last minute to cover for a poorly Captain of the Lost Waves, who fell ill the week of the event. Cooper is a local legend when it comes to live music.

On the Saturday we had world wide known visitor in the way of SANTA!

Santa took a few laps of Indie with his handy elves who guided him through the crowds of people.
Santa was preluded by his son, who runs Great Oaks Community Choir. They did a stirling job of creating a real festive family spirit, all in the name of An Indie Kinda Christmas!

StanleyPigeon sneaking in to steal a few of our baubles... that he then smashed.

As well as wanting to make sure visitors had a good time, I really wanted to make sure traders did well, found their time with us easy and would return for any future events. Feedback suggests they had a great time and made profits worth coming back for! BONUS! 

An Indie Kinda Christmas, a Pigeon kinda event and a great time had by all.

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