Monday, 7 December 2015

Vintage Girl Gang - Retrospect Finds - Jordan

 Girl Gang Monday is one of my favourite parts of the week. I really love being able to spend a little time uniting like minded ladies who've all got a penchant for vintage. It's impossible for me, at my age and stage in life (31, entering the second year of weird motherhood, changing my career and a bit limbo) not to look around and notice the other girls who seem in seemingly better situations, bigger houses, sassier clothes and swankier hairdos. 

But let's not get jel about it... let's pat those girls on the back and ask what hair products they use and stalk them a bit on Instagram...

Instagram. It's the start of my day, the end of my day and most of in between, so Mr P thinks. BUT, without it I wouldn't be so vintspired (see what I did?) by such awesome lassies as Gwen (#1 GG recruit), Rosie Hearts (#2 GG recruit), Jill Robot (#3 GG recruit) and Claire ReInk (#4 GG recruit). 

And so, onto another vintage badass girl who I definitely stalk a bit on instagram, mainly because I want her hair:

Jordan Retrospects #5 GG recruit

Jordan is a real hotty patotty and runs Retrospect Finds which sells some real hotty patotty vintage goodies. 

SEE?! Take a look at her online shop (once you've finished reading this, though, yeah?)

How did you get into the vintage scene and who is it that got you there, so to speak?
I first got into the vintage scene and lifestyle from a very young age. I've been influenced by my grandparents and great grandparents homes and closets. Always having an amazing wardrobe to play 'dress up' in has changed the way I view outfits and styling. My grandma had some amazing fur coats, wiggle dresses, 60's florals and waspies! I also take style inspiration from film characters such as the kamikaze Lolita girls and Suzy Bishop (Moonrise Kingdom) and 60's babes like Edie and Twiggy!

Suzy Bishop



I started picking up vintage clothing from around age 14. Frequently hitting up the local charity shops and flea markets with my Nana. My first vintage purchase was a 1970's crushed velvet leopard print dress! It was incredible, It stayed in my wardrobe for a couple of years before I had the guts to wear it haha.

What's your best ever vintage purchase?

It's hard to choose my most memorable vintage purchase as I buy a tonne of vintage clothing and homewares for myself and also for my business Retrospect Finds. I'd have to narrow it down to my 1970's mustard vinyl 3 piece suite which I bought earlier this year and a pair of 1950's space age lamps I bought in Amsterdam to restore. They're fab! 


As for clothing it would definitely be a 1950's leopard print faux fur coat I bought for £1.49 from a Barnardo's warehouse last year (incredible condition too). I recently saw the same one being styled in an episode of Madmen!

POWER vintage

Where do you shop for all your finds?
I love to shop/thrift all over. My favourite spots for vintage shopping are central Amsterdam and Berlin. 

In the UK it's a mix of charity shops, flea markets, house clearance shops, car boot sales, vintage markets and sometimes the high street have some excellent vintage inspired pieces. I recently picked up some ace 60's and 70's style striped turtle necks in the Topshop sale! The only downside to shopping on the high street is that you're likely to see a few other girls wearing the same clobber whilst you're out!

Reproduction vintage fashion is becoming more common, do you ever buy it?
I much prefer dressing in true vintage, not only do you stand out from the crowd, it's lovely to wear something with a bit of a history. I like to imagine what kind of woman would wear this particular dress or coat.

What kind of life she would lead and what occasion she would wear it on! If only clothes could talk... I bet they'd have a few stories to tell. Until then I'm happy to make it up and let my imagination wander :)

Wander on #5 GG recruit, wander on, while you're at it, don those Pigeon Vintage red lipstick stripes! They're well earned and you look corking with 'em!

Retrospect Jordan, we salute you!

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