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Vintage Girl Gang - Heather The Mod Weldon

Now that there Christmas is out the way and we are all suitably rolling our ways back to work and determinedly squeezing that extra roll into the 1950's A-line skirt, I thought I'd blow away the January come down with 2016's newest recruit.

That's right, Girl Gang Monday is BACK and we are back with one of the sassiest swingingest most mod gals we know*, Heather The Mod Weldon.

*we've never met.

I discovered Heather when I geekily followed the hashtag "60sgirl" and stumbled across the boldest style I'd seen on Instagram in a long time. Her account was so bright I had to don my JackyO's!

Cue the usual InstaStalk of her account and about 100 double-taps later she became my modern 1960's style inspiration! Luckily, Heather doesn't think I'm a mega dweeb and agreed to be one of my favourite additions to the Girl Gang, answering a few questions so I can slowly become her by proxy:
Oi! Heather The Mod! Why the vintage? 
To me there was never goi…

meanwhile... a project grows

If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you may have noticed a few posts hinting that Pigeon Vintage have a big project on the go. 

I've had a tonne of followers ask what all the orange dots are about... Well, here goes...

I've written blog posts before about my previous incarnation as a freelance project manager, and I'm working on getting back into the swing of the role, again. 

Just before Christmas I got a message from Kevin, an artist friend of mine, saying he was going to view a shop the next day and would I be interested in sharing the space with him. "Of course..." said I... "I'll have a mooch with you."
We got together, visited the shop and came away with a pair of keys. 
Easy as that.

It's the old All Dressed Up shop, just off Scunthorpe High Street. All Dressed Up is a quality second-hand clothing shop, run by the Lindsey Lodge charity shop girls. They moved shop last summer, leaving this unit in good condition and completely empty.…