Sunday, 10 January 2016

meanwhile... a project grows

If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you may have noticed a few posts hinting that Pigeon Vintage have a big project on the go. 

I've had a tonne of followers ask what all the orange dots are about... Well, here goes...

I've written blog posts before about my previous incarnation as a freelance project manager, and I'm working on getting back into the swing of the role, again. 

Just before Christmas I got a message from Kevin, an artist friend of mine, saying he was going to view a shop the next day and would I be interested in sharing the space with him. "Of course..." said I... "I'll have a mooch with you."
We got together, visited the shop and came away with a pair of keys. 
Easy as that.

It's the old All Dressed Up shop, just off Scunthorpe High Street. All Dressed Up is a quality second-hand clothing shop, run by the Lindsey Lodge charity shop girls. They moved shop last summer, leaving this unit in good condition and completely empty.

Kevin and I approached a few other traders, makers and artisans to join us in our pursuit, but the festive season was fast approaching, meaning we had to put a hold on the project, getting in the way of all the fun. 

meanwhile... These last few weeks have been extremely exciting, setting up a collective of people to head it up, getting the place decorated and revving up a touch of intrigue.

Windows were stripped of the previous identity...
Mr P and his littlest brother extended the window ledge...
Walls were painted a fresh white...
And there's this wallpaper. Hmm... there's a lot of it.
We've been skip raiding...
... Question marking...
... and dog testing stock.
We've added shelving salvaged from the tip...
... and collectively, all hated that orange wallpaper.

meanwhile... a project grows

The shop opens to the public on Monday 25th January, this year and will run until the end of March.

It'll act as a test space for artisans, vintage traders and quality crafters to sell their work and engage with the public on a more regular level than the fairs we currently work at. 

Does Scunthorpe need something like this? We think so and we can't wait to prove it to you...

meanwhile... there's lots of work to do before opening.


  1. Looking forward to mooching around the shop, sounds exciting


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