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Pigeon Running

I've recently started running. I know, double big lolfest. People do keep laughing at the idea and I keep wincing in embarrassed agreement;

Me. Running. Sorry.

Running was always something I never really "got";
"You look cold and knackered and, frankly: stupid. Go home and eat a pie." But I secretly also envied the determination and commitment of runners. 

I've never considered myself overweight. A little tubby sometimes, but nothing that's been hard to shift. But at the back end of last year I felt sloppy. Some use the word "sluggish", but that doesn't suit how I felt. Sloppy skin, sloppy gut, sloppy hair, sloppy parenting, sloppy diet, sloppy confidence. Everything was subsiding and I needed something to pick it all up and put it back on the right shelves.

I met Becka (Vintage Edited) at a mutual friend's sewing class and she was so lovely and helpful. She spent more time loaning me her equipment and telling me I COULD do somet…

My G-Plan Story

Mid-century Modern is considered to be very "in" right now for interior designers. 

The sunburst clocks, the rich thick patterns, bold fabrics against softer toned walls, and those smooth sleek teak furniture designs are all inspiring modern designs on the high street. 
And nothing is sleeker and teaker than the famous G-Plan, a sought after designer label in the 1960's and now. No mid-century inspired home is complete without that ruby red G-Plan sticker, hidden away in a drawer or on a cupboard door.
Our G-Plan story started out as an impulse buy;

I adored a unit I'd found in a second-hand shop in Scunthorpe and needed it in our mid-century inspired home. It wasn't G-Plan (as far as we knew), but it looked JUST like G-Plan. We hunted for the ever precious ruby red sticker, a clear indication of the 60's design classics. It wasn't there. It wasn't G-Plan.

I was pregnant and nesting. Mr P wasn't pregnant and wasn't nesting: