Wednesday, 10 February 2016

My G-Plan Story

Mid-century Modern is considered to be very "in" right now for interior designers. 

1960's living room
The sunburst clocks, the rich thick patterns, bold fabrics against softer toned walls, and those smooth sleek teak furniture designs are all inspiring modern designs on the high street. 
A modern take on a 1960's home
And nothing is sleeker and teaker than the famous G-Plan, a sought after designer label in the 1960's and now. No mid-century inspired home is complete without that ruby red G-Plan sticker, hidden away in a drawer or on a cupboard door.
Our G-Plan story started out as an impulse buy;

I adored a unit I'd found in a second-hand shop in Scunthorpe and needed it in our mid-century inspired home. It wasn't G-Plan (as far as we knew), but it looked JUST like G-Plan. We hunted for the ever precious ruby red sticker, a clear indication of the 60's design classics. It wasn't there. It wasn't G-Plan.

I was pregnant and nesting. Mr P wasn't pregnant and wasn't nesting:
"Yeah, whatever, love. I'll come see" said he.

Cue a big fat pregnant girl attempting to help lift this beast into the back of a trailer. I didn't in the end. But we did have a very fun drive home in awful winds on a very exposed dual carriageway.
Home it came and with a little brotherly help our unit found its new home.

So, was it the much desired design classic? It certainly looked it and with a bit of research on that there Internet, Mr P confirmed it absolutely was G-Plan, but a previous owner seems to have peeled the ruby gem off! I was beaming. It wasn't a bargain, but what treasure we had uncovered.

It's been a life saver, this unit. It's stored StanleyPigeon's teeny tiny hand knitted booties, present wrapping equipment, that growing record collection and my collection of vintage cameras. It's had a multitude of West German treasures sat atop of it and houses Mr P's precious angle poised lamp that he made from skip scavenging.

It has sat proudly for long enough in our home, but is a bit too much for our teeny tiny 1940's home, and deserves a new place to shine.

If you are interested, you'd need to collect, unless you don't mind paying extra for delivery, depending on where you live.
The unit is G-Plan, has a mini bar, cutlery drawer (immaculate), three shallow drawers and a cupboard. The shelf is movable and will come with all the pegs to shift the height.

We are based in North Lincolnshire, if you'd like to come see or collect. Please get in touch with us on our Facebook account, for further details or to buy.

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