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Vintage Girl Gang - Lady Kistchener

Another Monday, another Pigeon Vintage Girl Gang member to brighten up your evening. This week we are graced with the presence of the glorious Lady Kistchener who is a Doctor! It's about time we had someone sensible to rally the gaggle of girls! How do I know she's sensible? Because she's into vintage, of course!

Lady Kistchener's instagram account could rival Joseph's amazing technicolour dream coat, which makes her a total kitsch dream boat for me! I envy the style in her home and her vintage Christmas decoration collection was swoonful, look!

Lady K kindly agreed to join the Pigeon Vintage Girl Gang adventures:

Why vintage for you?
It might sound odd but I really feel the need to rescue vintage items as pieces of social history. I've always been interested in 20th century history (even studied it for a bit before medicine called me!). I'll often see something at a flea market, car boot sale or charity shop and think "If I don't get that it'l…