Monday, 28 March 2016

Vintage Girl Gang - Lady Kistchener

Another Monday, another Pigeon Vintage Girl Gang member to brighten up your evening. This week we are graced with the presence of the glorious Lady Kistchener who is a Doctor! It's about time we had someone sensible to rally the gaggle of girls! How do I know she's sensible? Because she's into vintage, of course!

Lady Kistchener's instagram account could rival Joseph's amazing technicolour dream coat, which makes her a total kitsch dream boat for me! I envy the style in her home and her vintage Christmas decoration collection was swoonful, look!

Lady K kindly agreed to join the Pigeon Vintage Girl Gang adventures:

Why vintage for you?
It might sound odd but I really feel the need to rescue vintage items as pieces of social history. I've always been interested in 20th century history (even studied it for a bit before medicine called me!). I'll often see something at a flea market, car boot sale or charity shop and think "If I don't get that it'll probably end up as landfill". It upsets me to think that the original owners may have treasured something for many years only for a house clearance firm to take it to the tip. I'm on a mission to save the past and rehome things with new owners who will cherish them once again. The saying "one mans junk is another mans treasure" is so true. Of course I will continue to keep bits and bobs for myself along the way haha!

What was your first vintage purchase? 
It was a 70s silver lurex jumper which I rescued (for a small donation) from the "rubbish" pile whilst volunteering at a Marie Curie charity shop in 1995. I thought it was the best thing in the whole place and couldn't understand why the manageress had deemed it unsuitable to put out in the shop.

What's your favourite vintage item and why? 
This was an impossibly difficult question to answer! I have been mulling it over for literally days. I've narrowed it down to one item of clothing: an 80s multicoloured spots sequin top which I recently bought at the wonderful Brooklyn Flea on a trip to New York. It fits perfectly and manages to incorporate both sequins AND spots. 

My home item would be a 50s or 60s toy doctor's bag I picked up for a couple of Euros at a Paris flea market (before they became touristy). 

Its in immaculate condition and just so detailed, the bottles are glass and it even has a little prescription pad! I've been a doctor for 12 years and this is one of the few things I have that features my day job in vintage toy form so this is probably why I'm so fond of it. It is probably apparent from my choices that I LOVE thrifting abroad and will always squeeze it into any trip!

What vintage buy has your favourite story attached to it?
Hard to pick but if I had to choose one I'd say a deadstock 1968 London Paper Dress Company dress I bought on ebay in 2001. A seller in Australia was selling a handful of old shop stock in a 'Dutch auction' format. I didn't understand what this was so bid $2 or $3, which turned out to be enough to win one of the dresses! As I was still an impoverished student I chose surface post for another couple of dollars. The dress eventually arrived 3 months later in a flimsy envelope. It was only later that I discovered that these are really important pieces of fashion history collected by museums such as the V+A and which sell for 4 figures! Still cant believe I let mine spend a quarter of a year on a shipping container from Australia!!

What are the best and worst things about being into vintage?
Best: I suppose its the individuality it brings. I'm an identical twin who used to detest being dressed in matching outfits as a child so maybe its a subconscious way of rebelling against 'sameness'! 
Worst: Although lots of vintage items are better made than by modern day standards some materials don't stand the test of time. I've got some amazing 1960s vinyl dresses, coats and boots which are sadly starting to perish. I doubt whoever made them intended them to still be around in 50 years though!

Who's your vintage Muse?
My style has evolved quite a bit over the years with my interests and unfortunately waistline! 15 years ago I used to strictly dress in clothes from 1967-1970 and at that point Julie Driscoll was definately an inspiration in terms of hairstyle and make up. 

Nowadays I'm more relaxed and tend to wear what suits me and feels comfortable which tends to be a mix of vintage (mostly 70s and 80s), high street and designer. I like kitsch novelty prints which I always try to accessorise with equally quirky costume jewellery. 

Lady Kitschener is clearly one of a kind and the type of Vintage lover that we like, here at Pigeon Villa; an original, not someone who's jumping on the popularity of the term "vintage". She lives it, loves it and treasures vintage and retro for all the right reasons and because of this, she is a very welcome member of our Girl Gang!! 

Kitschener, Pigeon Vintage Girl Gang member #7, we salute you and all your style! Here are your Pigeon Vintage red lipstick stripes!

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