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Vintage Girl Gang - Bye Bye Bailey

Over the last few months I've been recapping all our current members of the Vintage Girl Gang, giving them the recognition and vintage loving they deserve. Currently at eight members, all as delectably lovely as the next. I really like watching what the girls are getting upto, personally and professionally (their "professionally" sometimes leaves me bankrupt, mind). 

Since having some time out to recap the members, I've been approached by a few people who want to join in the gang and share their love of vintage, kitsch, retro and antique STUFF in their lives. 
Our latest recruit to the Vintage Girl Gang, is one of those ladies. Bye Bye Bailey got in touch with me through a 1940's & 1950's page on thatthere Facebook, asking if she could come and be vintage with us. Having a gander through her page, I knew she'd fit right in!

Why Vintage for you and how did you get into the scene?
I don't know why, but I always looked at Vintage clothing and thought it…

Happy Birthday To Us!

Well, here we are completing our second year of trading. What an exciting two years we have had, meeting lots of new people, opening a shop and getting up to tonnes of trader type mischief.
Two years ago, we set up in order to flog a load of gorgeous vintage stuff that needed clearing to make room for our new arrival. The story of how we set up, is our first ever blog post, Step Inside and Meet the Pigeons! And I am forever grateful that you all did.
I thought I'd take a moment of your time to share a few photos of our first two years, trading and Pigeoning: