Monday, 4 April 2016

Happy Birthday To Us!

Well, here we are completing our second year of trading. What an exciting two years we have had, meeting lots of new people, opening a shop and getting up to tonnes of trader type mischief.

Two years ago, we set up in order to flog a load of gorgeous vintage stuff that needed clearing to make room for our new arrival. The story of how we set up, is our first ever blog post, Step Inside and Meet the Pigeons! And I am forever grateful that you all did.

I thought I'd take a moment of your time to share a few photos of our first two years, trading and Pigeoning:

A fresh faced ginger pregnant lady, at my first ever stall at Cafe Indie.

At Wortley Hotel, the fair where we sold all our suitcases, meaning we couldn't get our stock home again :D
We've had a BabyPigeon to keep us entertained

That BabyPigeon quickly became a mascot, while I breastfed through stall hosting

All three generations of pigeons held pitches together as stalls across Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire
We had our first buying holiday
We've been to some truly fabulous weddings!
We set up #vintagegirlgang (aka #GirglGangMonday) and swooned over some gorgeous gal's.
We set up a selling and exhibition window at the super cool Scunthorpe venue Cafe Indie.

And now, I'm sitting in meanwhile... a shop we opened as a collective at the beginning of this year. A long time dream of ours is to take part in a pop-up shop. Not only are we Pigeon's taking part in a pop-up, we are helping to run one and are being consulted on three other empty shop projects (like we know what we are on about?!)

We love Pigeon Vintage and can't wait to see what journeys we continue on this year!

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