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Vintage Girl Gang - KatyBag!

I love our Vintage Girl Gang and how much support it provides for traders, artists, vintage girls, kitsch lovers and now... a DJ! 

All of a sudden I feel like our cool ratings have escalated somewhat! 

KatyBag fangirled me on Instagram after I posted a photo promoting a #vintagegirlgang blog post. "CAN I JOIN?!" yelled Ms Bag and now she's totally IN!

KatyBag, why vintage for you?
It's all about the music for me! Inspired by my older brother who was part of the 1980s Mod revival, I started listening to 50s-60s soul, ska and original R&B when I was very young. This then led me to watching 1960s films, introduced me to 'Quadrophenia' and latterly led me to discovering the 'underground' subculture club scene - Mod, Northern Soul, 50-60s soul and R&B and original ska and reggae. I just adore the style that accompanies theses subcultures - the clothes, the haircuts, the shoes, the accessories and the attitude ... this love now includes items f…

A Baby Pigeon's Vintage Bedroom

Pigeon Villa became a very different place since the arrival of our little fledging, Stanley. Twenty months ago our world was flipped on it's head and all our beliefs in reusing, recycling and reloving vintage were brought to question:

Practicality, cleanliness and durability.Three things that are paramount when buying for a new arrival, or so we kept being told. Actually, our budget was non-existent, since Stanley was arriving a lot earlier than we had planned (super fertility powers on both sides to thank for that). Zero budget, meant a lot of begging, stealing, borrowing and rediscovering beautiful things we had stashed away. We were given a cot bed by some friends, a wardrobe by a family member and already had the rest. It was an unusual collection of stuff, but one that came together all too nicely.

Here are a few stories about the collection of things in our Stan's vintage inspired bedroom:

CurtainsThese glorious floral curtains are navy with some beautiful large flowers o…