Monday, 16 May 2016

Vintage Girl Gang - KatyBag!

I love our Vintage Girl Gang and how much support it provides for traders, artists, vintage girls, kitsch lovers and now... a DJ! 

All of a sudden I feel like our cool ratings have escalated somewhat! 

KatyBag fangirled me on Instagram after I posted a photo promoting a #vintagegirlgang blog post. "CAN I JOIN?!" yelled Ms Bag and now she's totally IN!

KatyBag, why vintage for you?
It's all about the music for me! Inspired by my older brother who was part of the 1980s Mod revival, I started listening to 50s-60s soul, ska and original R&B when I was very young. This then led me to watching 1960s films, introduced me to 'Quadrophenia' and latterly led me to discovering the 'underground' subculture club scene - Mod, Northern Soul, 50-60s soul and R&B and original ska and reggae. I just adore the style that accompanies theses subcultures - the clothes, the haircuts, the shoes, the accessories and the attitude ... this love now includes items for the home too!  Happiest when spending a few hours 'treasure hunting' around vintage and collector's fairs or antique shops, charity shops or car boot sales.

What vintage homeware is your favourite purchase and why?
This was the hardest question for me to answer!!! We live in a 1950s semi-detached house, still with lots of original features, doors etc. + most rooms furnished with 50s-60s furniture and accessories ... a recent carpet-fitter even asked 'is this house some sort of museum then?' ..!
So, just choosing ONE thing was a challenge for me. In the end I have chosen the 1950s Birdseye Maple bedroom set - found in the deepest, darkest depths of eBay after an extensive search, we collected this set from a lovely lady in Spalding, Lincolnshire who had grown up with the furniture in her parent's house. 

We brought home with us 2 large wardrobes (complete with interior drawers and even hat compartments!), the beautiful dressing table (pictured), 2 glass-topped bedside cabinets AND matching headboard.

What vintage fashion item is your favourite and why?
Another tricky question ... I can't resist a good 1960s vintage dress and my wardrobe is full of them! But my favourite item is this late 1960s Welsh wool coat + matching handbag. Discovered in the back of a church converted into an antiques 'shop' in Horncastle village, Lincolnshire. As luck would have it, fitted me perfectly and nabbed myself a bargain! So often complimented on this coat, a real vintage treasure and cosy too!

During our mutual fangirl chat, you mentioned your vintage car, what type is it and how did you come by owning it? Also, do you drive it as your everyday runaround or are you a Sunday driver? ;) 'Olive' is a 1967 Morris Minor 1000 - another eBay bargain after extensive research and hunting for the ideal motor, we collected her from Essex and drove home to Lincolnshire from there. 

Due to my day-job sadly I don't get the opportunity to drive everyday, but Olive is so much more than a 'Sunday' car - she is for 'high days and holidays' our adventure wheels and 'Mystery Machine'! Soon after buying her we travelled from Lincolnshire to holiday in Cornwall and back home via a road-trip to Glastonbury and Bath. We even used her as our own wedding car last year too! 

Re-sprayed by the previous owner we found a traditional signwriter in Lincolnshire called 'Mervin Dove' who hand-painted her original pin-lines back onto the doors + inspired by vintage coaches and trucks even added the name 'Olive' to the boot lid.

What vintage music or film inspire your creative eye?
I collect 50-60s soul and original R&B vinyl 7" singles and occasionally DJ at Mod and soul events/clubs.
And one of my favourite films is 1963 'Billy Liar' starring Tom Courtenay and Julie Christie.

Finally, the thing I ask all lasses being initiated; who's your vintage Muse and why?
Dame Barbara Mary Quant. Welsh fashion designer and British fashion icon. She became an instrumental figure in the 1960s London-based Mod and youth fashion movements. 

An iconic, inspirational, boundary-crossing, head-turning woman with a strong sense of her own style.

I'm not jealous of KatyBag. Not one bit! But if I *could* have her life, I would! 
What a beautiful car, coat and cabinet, eh? She's a Vintage Girl Gang WINNER. She's also a DJ, specialising in music supporting the hugely influential mod movement. 
To check out her spins, head to Subculture, the music night at Madame Waffle in Lincoln. I bet we'll be heading there straight after work! Who's in?

KatyBag, you carry so much sixties swag it hurts! I salute you by slopping them Vintage Girl Gang lips on your sweet cheeks!
  If you're a vintage lover, a girl and you want to be in our gang, please get in touch with me so I can share some more VGG loving among the many vintage fans out there:

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