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meanwhile... still here

This year has seen us running ourselves ragged as part of meanwhile..., a collective of traders making use of an empty shop just off Scunthorpe High Street.

meanwhile... there's us lot  ...flogging furniture, selling our souls and meeting lots of interesting folk from our fair little town since January 2016. I wrote about the growth of the meanwhile... project back then [here] we were only meant to be here until March 31st...

Traders have come and they have gone, we've had pop-ups within our pop-up, we've fallen out, kissed, made up, redecorated twice, shuffled around loads and celebrated the fact we are still here! 

With some of the shuffling around, and Mr P taking voluntary redundancy from his job, we started doing more upcycling projects. As much as we hate that term, customers were loving what we did with suitcases. I made a few signs and he was selling coffee table suitcases on legs that were flying out faster than they hit the shop floor. 

We had a few DIY sessions whe…

Blush, Blossom and Bloom

I think the blossom season is one of the best times of the year. The freshest colours, prettiest smells and that calming feeling of all the newness Spring brings. 

If you've read one of my earliest posts about my love for Autumn, you'll know I'm a big fan of bringing in the new, fresh starts and the excitement of New Beginnings. 

Historically, spiritually and mythically Spring represents newness. It's in our bones to feel peaceful with the arrival of pink blossoms and colours highlighted by a low laying sun. 

Soft pinks are featuring heavily in my life, this Spring. A few weeks ago I dyed my hair "rose quartz" in time for my 32nd birthday shenanigans. I did it the same time last year, too and I'm starting to think that blossom INVADES me. 

Then I went and bought my new favourite P brooch from You Make Me Designs where you get to choose the colours you want your bespoke pin to be. Without thinking, I went for the gold and blush, which apparently matches the …