Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Vintage Girl Gang - Heather Found Vintage

It's not often I fall for faceless. I never click "approve follow requests" on twitter for an egg, for example. 

But when Heather Found asked to remain faceless as our latest Vintage Girl Gang member, I totally understood. The other week, I heard a young lass say "Mum, that's Miss Pigeon" when I was in Aldi buying bum wipes for StanleyPigeon. I felt a bit touched, but then felt a pressure to be cool while wearing my snow boots, shit jeans and skanky cardi that cuts me off at the waistline and makes me look frumpy. There was no making that look cool/vintage/instafamous ;)

I have, however, totally fallen for Heather of Found Vintage Homewares. Her stock is hot n sassy, her styling make me weep with envy and the colours on her instagram feed belong in Wizard of Oz.

So, credit to my new logo friend, cool enough to be in the same company as our lord Prince and only going by the sign she had hand painted by her dad: 

It's already clear that I'm a big fat fan of Found Vintage Homewares and I've already explained why I am inspired by her, allowing myself hours of swooning over her photos, but I thought you should all be introduced to who Heather is and why she does what she does in championing the vintage, kitsch, garish and glorious lifestyle.

Why vintage for you?

I grew up shopping in charity shops, at carboot sales and church fairs. So they have always been a really natural and normal place for me to shop. As I got older and I got to know myself better, I developed a sense of style which I found was accessible and affordable in charity shops etc. It all started from there really!

Besides this, I am a really sentimental person. I love to find an object, give it a warm bath, photograph it in a nice way and then hopefully re-home it where it has some worth and love again.   

Looking at your Instagram feed, you're clearly into the brights of retro. What draws you to that and how do those patterns feature in your life?
I love colours and patterns, especially florals and especially vintage florals! I just love how seeing a beautiful colourful pattern can instantly make me feel so happy! 

I am so glad such a simple and obtainable thing can create so much excitement and happiness for me and it is so lovely to see that others (on Instagram etc) feel this way too! I try to fill our space with the things we love. 

I am an introverted sort of person, so I love to express myself in this way. It is a way in which people can see a part of you, without you actually saying anything. Which I have always found really interesting.

What's your favourite retro home piece and why?

I think it would have to be Miss Wong!  A few years ago I was walking with my dad and husband and in the distance I could see Miss Wong just plonked outside a charity shop. 

I actually ran to her; which to this day my husband and dad still find highly amusing! Amazingly, the price tag was just £4! I think she is a beautifully intriguing lady and she brings so much to the room. I would never sell her.   

I love how you style Miss Wong up to feature as part of your family holiday celebrations! What a cute story, do you have any more treasure related tales? 
I once worked as an assistant in a junk shop and one day I was helping to collect a table. It was at an old cottage and in the corner of an empty room stood a two foot Jesus statue. I said to the owner that he was lovely and she replied saying I could take him (for free!) I didn’t have anything to wrap him in and I don’t drive. So after I finished work I had to carry him all the way home on the bus, cradling him in my arms like a baby!

I am not a religious person but I do find a lot of beauty in religious art and statues. Such power is represented in the statues and I find that so intriguing. He now sits happily with Saint Teresa, our illuminated globe and my giant dog.

Who's your vintage Muse and why?
I don’t really have a vintage muse to be honest. But there are many lovely ladies on Instagram who have created amazing homes and who find such exciting treasures! Which is something I find really inspiring.   
Now, the time has come to not only give Heather the glorious VintageGirlGang smackers, but also to encourage you to spend your mortgage on her beautiful stock, over at the Found Vintage Homewares Ebay shop (click here). 

Excuse me while I go have a lay down from the rainbow retro delirium I am suffering!

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