Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Fixing and Doing - The Chairs.

We've always loved a bit of fixing up at Pigeon Villa, making do with lots of hand downs and skip raids means you get very used to mending, recovering and recycling stuff. 

Being resourceful and never the type to throw things away also means we usually have exactly what's required to bring something back to life. Always helpful when you're vintage traders!

The Mother-In-Law once tagged me in one of those "everything-for-sale-everywhere-but-locals-only" Facebook selling pages, to bring my attention to two gloriously retro chairs. They were a bit of a bargain but were a sorry state when we collected them.

Cue a very laborious, but love filled labour getting the chairs repaired and in working condition.

The black vinyl was grubby, dull and ripped in places. We did lots of polishing and repairing, using some equipment that Mr Pigeon had stashed away in the garage.

White emulsion was caked on the legs meaning the turning mechanism no longer worked. It was also yellowing, drippy and not very in keeping with the sleek modern shape of the chairs.

Off that came with some paint stripper, sanding and scrubbing. I love watching paint bubble under the chemicals and it's so much quicker than sanding back. 
I usually find that removing paint with stripped, rather than sanding keeps the original item in better condition. 

After lots of washing, polishing, stripping, oiling and then painting... this was the end result!

The chairs were stunning. They got so much interest in meanwhile... and also online each time I posted a picture. And rightly so! I had them on for far too cheap, mainly to make a quick profit, but it's my biggest regret, because I would've preferred to keep them for myself!

I wish I'd got more photos of them to show just how much work went into them. If you are the new very lucky owner, send me some photos so I can swoon over them some more, would you? ;)

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