Monday, 26 September 2016

Crowle and Ealand's 1940's Weekend

Last weekend saw the first Crowle and Ealand 1940's Weekend, organised by a new committee who worked tirelessly to create an incredible event!

I went along with my Dad and StanleyPigeon to get involved in some hard-core 1940s fun.

Not one of us was left disappointed. The venues were easy to get to, there was plenty of parking along with a park and ride to get to activities further afield, and loads of places to grab a cheap and tasty bite to eat.

The programme was packed! So much so that it meant a second visit was definitely on the cards! 

That beautiful car was for sale. Lots of swooning over that beast, though I'm glad Mr Pigeon wasn't there or we might have been in danger of needing a garage extension! 

I felt a mini swoon of excitement when I saw 1940's Ben in real life! I've been following Ben on instagram and love his feed. He lives a genuine and full 1940's lifestyle that I am very envious of, though I'm glad to be just an onlooker of all that hard work and dedication. 

This feisty little terror was seeing off the enemies!
Another photo for the benefit of Mr Pigeon. A beautiful beast. 
The stalls were full of treasures
And were wonderfully decorated.

The camps and front lines were so realistic. It was a pleasure to get chatting to some of them. Must improve my history chat for next years event! 

StanleyPigeon is going through the tractor phase. This pose lasted about 40 minutes... Sitting, whinging, sitting again (repeat for the rest of the afternoon) 

The couple who owned this caravan were staying in it and regularly travel with it. The caravan was all hand built by the gentleman whose name I didn't get, unfortunately. It was a treat to get a look around inside.
StanleyPigeon clinging onto Grandpa as they watched a mechanical orchestra. It filled the air with really nostalgic organ music and got people tapping their feet!

This couple came into meanwhile... they were asking for some advice on their 1940s outfits for a special weekend. I was staffing the shop and showed them around a few things that might work together with their outfits. The lady ought her entire look from us, except for the dress. 

I had such a great time at Crowle and Ealand's first ever 1940's Weekend and I'm already hoping to take Mr Pigeon to next year's event. I want to get along to the evening dances at The Hirst Priory! Looking through the photos, today, I was envious of all their moves and outfits.

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