Sunday, 23 October 2016

Autumn - Fresh Starts

There is no fresher start than the dewy golden glow of an Autumn morning.

Crispy leaves under foot crunching away the summer warmth. Frosty mornings warmed with porridge. Cooler nights bringing in logs for the fire. Asking for extra cinnamon on your frothy chai latte. 

All signs we are about to compete for the sassiest vintage cape, the opaquest of tights and all the mustard coloured knitting we can get our hands on. 

So get your scarves out, hats out and drag those boots out, because it's time to get yourselves out into the cold wet air that frizzes your hair, and embrace the fact that you're about to get a hard-to-shift cold. 

Some of you may have read my blog post this time last year about Autumn and why I love it so much. It's a special time of the year that always conjures feelings of new beginnings and fresh starts.

At Pigeon Villa, we've had the freshest batch of newness in our lives, recently. The closure of meanwhile... has snapped my neck with the swiftness of the about turn. Something new; a big fat unexpected END to a dream that became a reality. How would we respond as a friendship group and, more immediately, as a family. All a bit new, that was. 

The shop opened in the Spring and closed just as the Summer was coming to an end; crunching beneath our feet like the delicate shattered dreams of all the traders. BEEL! 

But onward we all had to go, and fast. With the impending necessity of turning the "Pigeon Storage Room" into the next baby's nursery, it was obvious extra storage was urgently needed at home. 

I'm not going to bang on about my ace new project The Pigeon Hole, just yet. But here are a few photos of it coming together:

Me in it
Mr P on it
The beautiful view from the roof
Building a log cabin seems a bit extreme, doesn't it? Well, it's the only place dedicated to me, the business growing and hopefully getting back into making and arting. So it feels like a necessary project for my sanity and our storage issues. 

It's been such a tiring and long drawn out process, but we are so close to be able to reveal The Pigeon Hole in all its glory! 

Autumn this year has given us time to stop and take stock of what we've achieved this year. We've been lucky souls, though we've not always felt it. While lathering protective oils and paints on the shed, I've been thinking about all the new beginnings on the horizon. 

Being pregnant is making me emotional and reflective. Enjoy Autumn and all the new beginnings and fresh starts it brings to your horizons! 

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