Wednesday, 12 April 2017

To The Hills

A year ago we were heading for the hills to meet Mr Henry Lowther, a bloody brilliant photographer who was hoping to get a decent couples shoot in Castleton with a *quote* "Trendy Couple". Yes: Trendy. Apparently we fit the bill. 

After picking ourselves up from fits of laughter on the floor, we hit the road and met Henry and his beautiful girlfriend Elizabeth, who is also a bloody brilliant photographer

Elizabeth was pregnant and was a bit swoony over Stanley and his curly locks, so I knew we were in good hands with someone to watch Stan while Mr Pigeon and I attemped to look freshly infatuated with each other through our tired parents faces. 
Below are some of my favourite pictures of our day in the wild winds of Mam Tor and the Blue John caverns. 


We have some of the pictures hanging in our bedroom, in antique frames, now.

To see more of the photos, on a much swankier blog, click here for Henry's website, which features loads of beautiful inspiration for weddings, couple's shoots and more.


  1. AWWWW! that is so nice and inspiring. You both had a fabulous photo shoot with beautiful pictures taken at a lovely place. Keep us posted with more of these!

  2. They're great aren't they? Thanks for commenting! 😊


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