Wednesday, 17 May 2017

#VintageGirlGang - The Queens Drawers

Here we are again, adding another gorgeous lass to our #VintageGirlGang; Marie aka The Queens Drawers. We've all either bought from her, swooned over her dresses or stumbled upon some glorious genuine 1960's frocks at her vintage fair stalls. It's high time she joined our gang and here she is!

Instagram posts from The Queens Drawers are usually instantly recognisable for the quality of her genuine vintage and retro dresses, with clear measurements (an addition always appreciated by us vintage wearing ladies). Her stock is impeccable and drool-worthy and I wanted to find out more about the lady behind the trader, so I sent her a few questions:

What drew you to the vintage side of life?
"I've always been interested in the past even as a child. My favourite subject at school was history, especially all those amazing fashions they used to wear.
I loved watching old Hollywood musicals with my mum too and Harold Lloyd on a Saturday morning.

I was a child of the 70s, a teenager of the 80s and a young adult of the 90s which I am really happy about as I got to see some great trends first hand. A bit sad I missed out on the 60s but at least I get to experience it as part of my job."

How did you get into trading?
"I've been a mad charity & vintage shopper for as long as I can remember. When I go to a new place that's always the first thing on my to do list (Haha saddo).
I fell into selling with a friend of mine about 10 years ago who was just clearing out some stuff. I got the bug straight away. 

As I already came from a retail background, (working for a soulless Department store as a visual merchandiser) I found it easy to get into the selling side.
I turned it into my full time occupation about 3 years ago and The Queen's Drawers came about because I wanted something British and a little cheeky at the same time."

What's the best thing about being a trader?
"I've made some fabulous friends for life since doing this. I love the green aspect of it too, the history and the thrill of finding something special."

What's the worst thing about being a trader?
"I get disheartened when I have a bad month. That's when I let negative people get to me. I hate it when people presume this job is easy or offer you half the price of something. Someone once said to me 'you get it for nothing'. Sigh. This is few and far between though!"

All traders have a good story to tell, what's yours?
"I sometimes get the opportunity to visit people and buy their collections. One lady sticks in my mind as she had the most fabulous 60s & 70s pieces and told me about each occasion she wore them. I loved that!"

What's your favourite outfit?
"My 60s tartan wiggle dress. I don't keep many pieces (try not to hoard) but I won't part with this one. Well until it falls apart anyway.
It's from Tilly's Vintage. A fantastic Sheffield trader. She has the best stock."

And your favourite household item?
"I have a china Chinese boy & girl from my Nana's house. They were always in her cabinet when I was growing up and I always loved them. They have both been broken and badly repaired but they remind me so much of her."

Who's your inspiration from bygone eras?
"Oo so many! From the Busby Berkley Flappers to Prince and all the amazing Instagram girls of today!
I think if I had to pick one person it would be Debbie Harry. 

Parallel Lines was the first album I ever bought and remember being fascinated by her a woman standing strong amid all the men."

What music do you use as inspiration?
"I would like to pick something really cool but it would have to be the Theme tune from Steptoe & Son because it's all about the rag & bone."

It's not up to me to decide whether or not The Queen's Drawers belong in any kind of gang. But I'd like to think that Marie would head up a hunt for some of the best vintage treasure around! Here's to earning your stripes, Queenie (lip kisses from yours truly)

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