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The day I fed Stan gone off cheese

The day I fed Stan gone off cheese. 

Mr Pigeon works shifts, and sometimes works 2-10pm meaning I tackle the dreaded afternoon tired tantrums, not-gonna-eat-owt tea times, peak teething pains, inevitable-wet-everywhere bath time and screaming banshee bedtimes on my own. Fun. 

This particular day (today) everyone is proper tired because I am ill, Stanley is ill and Jack is teething and going through a tricky development phase that makes him only need 20 minutes sleep at a time. Also fun. 

With Jack hanging off my boob, the kettle is boiling for my fourth cup of tea which won't get drunk and I'm making lunch for the toddler that is demanding a pile of grated cheese. Now, Jack is nigh on 16lbs which is heavy for those of you with normal weight babies, he's busy guzzling and Stan's busy shouting demands at me. Meaning I had to balance him on the work top, cheese grater in an awkward position, pouring stripes of cheese to the worktop, Fireman Sam plate and floor. The radio was…