Friday, 14 July 2017

Aldi PANdemonium

This week instagram has gone all hearts-for-eyes over some pans.

We all crave a bit of Catherine Holm's classic and bold kitchenalia. Some of us obsess over Orla Keily's retro style homewares. But it was Aldi that got our heads spinning, thumbs double tapping and our wallets whining over their pans.

It's a standard joke that you nip to Aldi for milk and eggs and leave with a boot full of wind breakers, miniature fence panels, avocado slicers and heart shaped silicon egg poachers. I'm all in for some Aldi middle aisle action and this week I genuinely couldn't fit the windbreaker into the boot, because it was already filled with these gorgeous pans.

I first spotted them on Katie's instagram account, where she declared her love for a good bandwagon and with that, I was off! I needed eggs anyway.

Where my Aldi pan journey started

I pulled up just as I got a message from my lovely friend Jill of Alfie Robot Retro, she'd had a tough day with her new baby. But it was ok because she had just been and bought herself some new pans from Aldi. I replied, while giggling that I was just running into aldi to buy my very own. "Can you get me the roasting tin? They had ran out in mine." RAN OUT? Blimey. This bandwagon really was rolling... So I ran IN to make sure I could fulfil the mission. Pans for me. Roasting tin for Jill.

Now Jill can safely use her pretty pans without wrecking the Orla! 
Luckily for both of us there were only three items with the beautiful teal and blue flower pattern, left. Two roasting tins and one pan. That section of the middle aisle really had been sifting through to the very last pans. The plain white and mint green just weren't bonny enough for these Aldi customers. We ALL wanted the pretty blue and teal flowers, gazing at us as they scrambled our Aldi eggs.

Now, you can't buy something as beautiful as these Aldi pans without giving it a mention on instagram. Off we all went, getting giddy with delirium that the pans were selling out across the country and all us vintage lovers were busily snapping them up before your very eyes!
Delirious enough, in fact, to start some hashtagging daftness for them! #pandemonium, #aldifinds and #aldipansbandwagon (which initially caused a bit of a stir with a typo to make it #aldipansbangwagon).

I knew I was onto a sleep winner when I saw that one of my favourite #vintagegirlgang members, Jenna, had got herself some.

And tintrunk, who's one of my favourite vintage traders to follow (Cue girl gang membership coming right up!)

It was tintrunk's post that got the most comments, sparking an interesting debate about ownership of design and style.

We aren't daft. We know these pans are very clearly inspired by Orla Kiely's well known, well loved and VERY EXPENSIVE style. And it's this point that needs looking at a little bit.

My background is in the arts, where people are encouraged to be original and develop their own unique creative "voice". Orla Kiely, Little Bird, Cath Kidston; we all know their instantly recognisable designs. They are stunning and all obviously drawn to bold patterns, rich colours and childhood memories (hence why we like them so much). The thing is, they're all so bloody expensive! Not that they shouldn't be; they're highly reputable design houses selling quality products and with hundreds (possibly thousands)  of people working for them. But I want there stuff,  I want it badly... But I can't afford it *whinge bag*.

Aldi's kitchen brand, "Crofton", is making pretty design affordable for the masses, with this limited edition range. And we should be applauding them for it, not trolling them for robbing IP (intellectual property), which they have NOT, by the way.

I love mine and I wish I were quick enough to buy a load more. I'm convinced they will be collectors items in the distant future (much like my subconscious told me when I dreamt I'd read an article about this very subject). Should they be kept in their wrapping, then? Nah! I've already used mine to check out their quality for this blog post and I can confirm that the roasting tin.... Drum roll.... Roasts your vegetables.

So bring it on naysayers, I'm loving being on board the #aldipansbandwagon with all my vintage loving and creatively minded stylish mates. Now, I'm off to scramble my eggs, you want some?

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Aldi PANdemonium

This week instagram has gone all hearts-for-eyes over some pans. We all crave a bit of Catherine Holm's classic and bold kitchenalia. ...