Sunday, 9 July 2017

Hull City of Culture - Part One - Paper City

Living over the river from 2017s City of Culture has its perks. Quick and cheap days out for a young family being the one I love the most. 

I had several people contact me about the upcoming Paper City exhibition, on account of my Masters degree in Book Arts. I hadn't known about Hull's history of creating paper until I read about this exhibition and I was intrigued by the materials suppliers being G. F. Smith, a paper suppliers I used when studying for my Masters and making books.

So, backpack packed with bundles of crisps as bribes for the boy and a Nana in tow, off we set. Over the river we went and followed the Paper City trail through the Humber Street area:

Adam Holloway's sculpture, through the handy viewfinder on the route map

"That one is for Batman, Mummy"

Lazerian's fish was so cool. The detailing was insane. 

The sections were all laser cut and these scales were beautiful 

As impressive as the fish was, Stan was more impressed with the Citro├źn HY. His Father's son. 
Made Thought's woven tapestry is MASSIVE and perfect for those happy family portraits ;)

The next piece of work was a little trickier to find, but definitely worth the hunt. Bethan Laura Wood's "Seaweed Kites" was perfection in paper engineering for me. Wood's considered the venue's history as a Smoke House, and suspended carefully made laminated and laser cut papers. They were so colourful and their lightweight forms swayed and turned in the breeze of the open door. I wanted to spend a lot of time in there, but the event was so busy we had to leave as soon as I'd taken these photos.

Richard Wood's red and white brick walls are dotted up and down Humber Street. Large sheets of paper are laminated to the walls of unused spaces. We'd seen these a few weeks before this visit, when Mr P and I went to see Primal Scream in Zebedee's Yard. But that's another story...

Stan said "This one is a touching one, mummy. There aren't any signs to say NO".

Jacqueline Poncelet's "Island Life" was in an empty shop unit. These paper folds were laid out all across the floor, leaving a thin pathway for visitors to walk through. The photo does it no justice. The colours were so vibrant they filled the room.

The bribe crisps had run out, so it was time for a bit of Stan time. He's a buzzing ball of intense about-to-burst energy, at the minute. So he needs a chance to use that energy up. Step up the permanent tilting cubes that are dotted along Humber Street:

A much needed pit stop at Thieving Harry's for scrambled eggs and Earl Grey.
We also bumped into delicious #VintageGirlGang member Gwen, who works there when she's not busy arting.

If you haven't been to Harry's, it's a MUST visit for some r+r while soaking up the Brick Lane vibes of Humber Street.

I liked this aged paper art that we found on our walk to Hull Minster
And why were we walking to Hull Minster? Well, you'll need to wait for the next Hull City of Culture blog post to find out. But it's worth the wait!

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