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Welcome to Pigeon Vintage's #VintageGirlGang! A place where a collection of vintage lasses are snatched up by Miss Pigeon, unofficially interviewed while having their Instagram accounts stalked and repeatedly double-clicked, then they're finally smooched with some red lips as a sign that they've earned their stripes as a badass vintage lass. 

This is a space for vintage girls to openly declare their jealousy towards each others' shiny hair, massive boobs and vintage homeware collections. We support each others' online sales, fairs and ideas as well as applauding each other creatively, stylistically and domestically.  

If you're reading this, I bet you also might be interested to know that you can now join the #VintageGirlGang by buying your very own pair of red lips, from my etsy shop, MissPigeonVintage!

Click on the girls below for details on their vintage lives and loves

In the beginning, there was Gwen. The deliciously beautiful Gwen.  

Find out about Gwen's vintage inspirations, artworks and styling by clicking her name, above.

Rosie. Rosie, Rosie, Rosie Hearts Vintage. A vintage wearer, a vintage trader, a runner and vintage mumma.

Loves: bold colour, festivals and hunting for vintage.
Loathes: beige, coconut water, rom-coms!
Location: find Rosie Hearts Vintage on Instagram, Facebook and her products on her Depop

Alfie Robot Retro's Jillin' in the name of! Now, this lass isn't worth messing with. She's a roller derby girl and someone I call a true friend in real life.

Loves: naps, charity shops and roller skating
Loathes: baked beans, birds of prey and housework.
Location: Jill aka Alfie Robot Retro sells over at Instagram and Facebook

Claire Sylvan. She's a cutie and I wanted her around for her creative ways of using vintage in her artworks.

Loves: 1970's floral prints, cats, anything mustard coloured.
Loathes: dishonesty, ridiculously high charity shop prices, buying a book to complete a set and realising it towers like a giant over all the others and spoils the matchiness. 
Located: find Claire on her Blog, Instagram and Facebook

Retrospect Finds. Well, what can I say except for "ultimate jealousy" for this one's hair and style.

Loves: sunshine, psychedelia, self love!
Loathes: adulting, kitten heels, bad jokes.
Location: Find Jordan on her Facebook and Instagram.

Heather The Mod. She's one of my favourite people to look at and she continues to inspire me with her style and enthusiasm for her era. 

Loves: crimplene, cheese and the swinging 60's
Loathes: Beige, bad hair days and the real world where grown ups with suits live.
Location: Find Our Hev' over on Instagram

Lady Kitschener. The Doctor. The Kitsch collector and host of vintage get-togethers. 

Loves: pugs, rhubarb, car boot sales
Loathes: abuse (animal/children/domestic), bananas and aggressive drivers!
Location: Lady Kitschener sells on Instagram here and has general sassiness here.

Vintage Little Fairy. A creative, a student, a lover of art and history. 

Loves: colourful vintage fabric, art galleries, charity shopping 
Loathes: catcalling, salmon, wonky winged eyeliner!
Location: Follow Little Fairy on Instagram and shop her wares here

Bye Bye Bailey. As seen in Vintage Life and at UK Plus Size Fashion Week, model and writer extraordinaire! 

Loves: music, cats and dresses
Loathes: lies, judgemental people and crane flies
Locations: Bye Bye Bailey is found on Instagram, Facebook and her fab website/blog

KatyBag is one of our coolest members of #VintageGirlGang because she is a DJ for Northern Soul nights and rocks the decks like no-one's business around Lincoln and beyond.

Loves: music, eyeliner, cats
Loathes: supermarkets, traffic and parsnips
Locations: KatyBag is on Instagram

Heather of FoundVintageHomewares,
remains my only "faceless" member, but I strongly think we need someone who isn't panicking about eyeliner. 

Loves: carboot sales, Christmas and dogs! 
Loathes: quiz shows, not finding anything at the carboot, rudeness 
Locations: Find Heather's personal Instagram feed here and her sales posts here.

holds fort as one of the most inspirational mothers I know. Her position as VGG member was well overdue!

Loves: kittens, cakes and Nick Cave (swoon!)
Loathes: sweetcorn, spiders and sell outs
Locations:  Follow Jenna's incredible colourful Instagram and now, you can also follow her SPANKING new blog

The Queens Drawers. The full-timer and standing high on everyone's pedestal for her incredible genuine vintage finds.

Loves: Her cheeky cat (though the love my not be reciprocated), cheese and laughing like Mr Claypole
Loathes: greed, prejudice, corriander (devil food)
Locations: buy your essential genuine vintage dresses from The Queens Drawers by following her Instagram account, liking her Facebook page, scrolling her Ebay shop, and adding her to your depop vintage badges and bling listings. But prepare to skint your purse!

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